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(oscarthewild @ June 28 2005,13:17) Are we sure we want the diagonal down towards the right.  I would much prefer the diagonal in the opposite direction with it pointing downwards towards the right.  The left chest has the pocket and I think repps look better going down towards the right. -
I feel the same way, but didn't want to raise the issue.
I thought of the same thing. I can't imagine it would be a whole lot more work to do it the other way. Perhaps we will have a vote on that if Chuck says it's do-able either way, once the pattern is chosen.
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Can we vote on width? I must insist on 3", but if necessary I will compromise to 3.25"
Agreed -- my belly is already warm enough as it is.
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Dont mean to be a jerk, but why is everything only stripes and stripes and more stripes? is there another option like a pattern? Carlos, you have so many medalion things on your site why cant we go there? Also I vote textured, anyone agree? Are these going to be dense mogadors or plain regular silks?
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Hmmm, I already have a tie that looks like number one so either 2 or 3 for me. I guess I'll have to go through the tie collection to make sure I don't have those already as well
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Hmm, well I voted for 1 initially.  But the more I think about it, I think #2 would be easier to wear.  White (or what will more-than-likely be off-white) won't really look good with a white shirt.  Something that is primarily red, on the other hand... Oh well, guess I can't change my vote now.
I must insist on 3"
I never saw the final word on construction, but if they're doing this in a folded tie, it's not likely that it will be 3".  Other than Hermes and some other printed ties, who is making a 3" tie anyway?  I think that 3.5 - 3.75 is pretty much considered "standard".
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Well... Stripes are not my personal favorite but traditionally club ties are striped. That was the consensus anyhow when this was discussed before. I understand the desire to do them in widths ranging from 2.75 to 4" but we'll have to go middle of the road. I understand that 10% like a very narrow tie and 10% like a very wide tie but work with me fellas... surely you can see why we can't make everyone's IDEAL tie. I will see if we can make a few narrow ones but will go standard width on most. Stripes can go right to left, left to right - no biggy but we'll need to decide. For those who love Medallions I agree with your anti-stripe position, you should immediately proceed to my website and purchase every medallion as a protest.
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To be honest I'm not extremely fond of stripes myself but it does seem to hold the broadest appeal. Most of my favorite ties are solid, which wouldn't make for a very distinctive "club tie".
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LOL, welcome to my world J. Normally when we work up a pattern I don't give a darn if I think that not many people will like it - I need 64-96 people to love it. Here the goal is a tie that everyone can live with so it has to be something fairly uncomplicated. I'll find something interesting to do with the silk to keep it from being boring, promise.
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carlo, can't you just make a different one for each individual person? that can't be hard is it?
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I would actually prefer the SF club bow-tie.
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I prefer keeping the stripes running the way they are because we're not a British regiment
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I prefer keeping the stripes running the way they are because we're not a British regiment
The Royal Ninth Style Forvm Fusiliers.
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I voted for #1 because it seemed more distinctive than the other two - which sort of reminded me of ties that I could probably find in the store. Hey - if we're going to have a club tie it should be distinctive. Bradford
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I am going for the second one... It looks purty...
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I voted for #1. It looks less like a politician's tie, IMHO.
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