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If you're looking for cheap denim, then try American Eagle. I have two pairs from them and love them to death. The first pair I brought back when I was in my sophomore year of high school. With other pairs of jeans, they tend to get a little worn and start to get torn. But with AE Jeans, it seems to be the weave that they use or something, casue the old boot cuts that I own aren't really bad. The other pair, which I brought back around Thanksgiving, a pair in called Dark Clay Wash, are still in good shape.

Also, the regular Abercrombie and Fitch jeans are good. The only problem is that most of the stores have mainly destroyed jeans, if you can the regular jeans the you're lucky.
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A friend of mine had an old pair of Abercrombie jeans. Short staple cotton fraying all over the place in very short order. I was immensely unimpressed. These weren't the ridiculously destroyed jeans, either. Gap's regular line (at least from a year ago) gave her the same problems. I have a few pairs of Gap 1969, however, and I'd say they compare favorably with higher end denim. Bizarrely, I can't say the same for Banana Republic, despite substantially higher prices.
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Yeah IIRC the 1969 denim is from the same source as PDC. I'm not sure if thats a praise to the 1969 denim or a frown to the PDC denim. I have a pair of 1969s and they're not too bad in terms of quality.
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The one pair of Gap 1969's I have are not the greatest. The denim doesn't feel all that great (not bad, but not great) the wash is very fake looking (at least to me) and the fit is rather poor (slipping into my APCs after wearing those for a few hours feels like slipping into Pajamas). But I did only pay $30 so overall I'm not too disappointed, but I wouldn't recommend buying them at full price; you're probably better off with some regular Levi's, I think there only like $30 retail anyway.
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For jeans less than $100, I have AE, A&F, and JCrew. The fit on the JCrew seems to be the best for me. Sizing for AE and A&F was hit and miss, which really bugged me.
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I've had great results with the GAP 1969 Vintage Cut

The rise is 11 1/2

The leg opening is 18 all around

The material is soft

Definitely, not the type of jeans if your going to do massive work.
However, if you want something to sport, they are perfect.

I have some American Eagle too, which fit rather well.

As for Abercrombie & Finch, not worth the price.
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Originally Posted by PreppyBoy
I have some American Eagle too, which fit rather well.
That's true, the size is hit or miss most of the time, but you can get the size you want.

As for Abercrombie & Finch, not worth the price.
If you can find the regular jeans, they yeah they are cheaper.
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Good call.
love the fit, and if you can find a darker wash, it's a great buy. These are Acne Mic btw.
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