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Typing out my ideal wardrobe would use all the SF server space

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wow, this thread came back from the dead...

I'm curious what I'll think looking back at this in a few years...

Spencer Hart rtw...a slim peak lapel'd 2 button job...7.5" at the trouser bottom

Dress shirt:
Paul Smith mainline, fits me like a glove and I dig the odd details he uses

Band of Outsiders

Shoes (one pair dress,one casual)
Dress: Lobb Sutton
Casual: Vass Budapester in navy

Tag Heuer Steve McQ Monaco

Paul Smith mini cooper wallet
Paul Smith multicolor stitch belt (one in black, one in brown)

Casual shirt:
Fred Perry 60s style buttondown

Thom Browne varsity cardigan
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This is based on what I have experienced, own, know of, or learnt on the forum:

Suit: not too picky about this one. brioni? maybe I'll try Thick as Thieves? I dont know if he makes a size in 'Fat'

Dress shirt: Kabbaz I guess. More out of curiosity, why his shirts cost a grand each. hehehe

Necktie: Charvet

Shoes: Only one pair? Santoni FAMs tan serrated edge

Wristwatch: I'm satisfied with Omega Seamaster Coaxial or Speedmaster has to be a 44 mm though.

Accessories: Nagrani socks!

Casual shirt: hmm. i dont know. i guess ralph lauren

Sweater: something nice cashmere. luxurious

Coat: something very nice

Miscellaneous: i like to have a pair of Oliver Peoples eyeglass frames in tortoise shell? not sure what that style is called.
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Originally Posted by diorshoe View Post
maybe I'll try Thick as Thieves? I dont know if he makes a size in 'Fat'

if by "fat" you mean a 38 chest and 32" trouser, than YES!!
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Suit Attolini (Chris Despos if bespoke was allowed) in Navy or Grey Flannel Dress shirt Borrelli Royal Collection or Anna Matuozzo Necktie Kiton 7 fold in crimson red Shoes (one pair dress,one casual) Edward Green cap-toe oxxfords in black & prada loafers Wristwatch Patek Philippe World Time Accessories Braces in crimson red. Pocket square silk with monogram in white. Casual shirt Brioni Sweater Brioni Coat Kiton Cashmere Top Coat Outside of Clothes Bugatti Veyron & 1957 Ferrari 250 GT California
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Cesare Attolini in Dark Grey w/pinstripes (This may be a reality soon)

Dress shirt
Anna Matuozzo (I want to go Italy and get it made there)


Shoes (one pair dress,one casual)
John Lobb Oxfords, Alden Loafers

Patek Philippe/Cartier

Igor Semonov Bespoke Wallet(I'm considering this)

Casual shirt
Brioni(just got two of these)

Don't desire anything right now

Don't desire anything right now

Outside of Clothes
Maybach Exelero, F430 Ferrari Spyder
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I'm a bit bored so...

Please list items in the following catagories:
Suit: Belvest and DÁvenza from Davide Cenci (great fabric choices)

Dress shirt: Charvet

Necktie: Marinella 7F from Naples shop

Shoes (one pair dress,one casual): Gaziano & Girling Brown Captoe Oxfords
St. Crispin Chelsea Boot in Antique Chestnut

Wristwatch: Patek 5970R, Patek 5110R, F.P. Journe Octa in WG, IWC Minute Repeater in Yellow Gold

Accessories (braces or belt,cufflinks,pocket square,socks,handkerchief,hat-if you like): Cufflinks - Dunhill, Belts and watch straps from Apil in Paris, Pocket Squares and Socks from Paul Smith

Casual shirt: Kiton 70/30 cotton/linen blends

Sweater: Brunello Cucinelli

Coat: LP Horsey Coat

Miscellaneous (Anything else I may have missed):
- More watch stuff - 18-watch winder from Scatola Del Tempo
- High-End 2-channel redbooks setup - Krell Frontend and Meridian Transport with JM Labs speakers.
- I would still be driving a Camry or Subaru Wagon in NYC.
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Suit: Kiton K Suit

Dress shirt: Anna Matuozza or Kiton Riva

Necktie: Kiton Seven Fold

Shoes (one pair dress,one casual): Dress: Bespoke Lattanzi, Casual: Jason Amesbury Bespoke Country shoes with rubber soles. Non-bespoke would be combination of Gaziano or Lattanzi for dress and Berluti for casual.

Wristwatch: Lange 1 or Rolex Daytona in Stainless or Patek Calatrava in white gold

Accessories (braces or belt,cufflinks,pocket square,socks,handkerchief,hat-if you like): Martin Dingman Belts

Casual shirt: Rubinacci

Sweater: Loro Piana Silk/Cashmere blend

Coat: Bespoke Rubinacci or Despos

Miscellaneous (Anything else I may have missed):
Sportcoat one each by Rubinacci, Oxxford, & Kiton
Kiton MTM trousers
StormSystem jacket by Loro Piana
Stereo for the dressing room: VPI HRX table with Benz Ebony cart and Audio Research electronics (CD 7, Ref3, Phono 7, Ref 110), Maggie 3.6 speakers.
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