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Definitive Information about Isaia Suit / Sportcoat Models

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Hey everyone, I know the models have been discussed before, but I spoke with a rep from Isaia and she typed out descriptions of all of the models from their marketing manual and emailed it to me. Hope this helps! "Sorry that it took so long to get back to you about the body types. Hope this answers all of your questions! Let me know if you need anything else! The Sirio ( S Body aka base S)- The most popular body within the Isaia line is also the fullest in structure The S Body is the base in the collection from which all others are derives. Defined by its classic Neapolitan natural shoulder, this garment was shortened slightly in 2008 to give it a more contemporary expression. This model as with all Isaia garments is available in 2 or 3 button, peak and notch lapels, single or double breasted. The Vesuvio (V body aka base V)- A tad more suppressed in the torso than the S body, these garments are defined by their rope shoulder, and even higher armhole. The Tribeca (T-Body aka base T)- The T body has a suppressed torso similar to the V-body. A lightly roped shoulder and very fitted sleeve- similar to that of a sweater. The Gregory (g-body)- Similar to the S body yet defined by a softer shoulder, this design carries a shorter body, and a mildly tapered sleeve. The Dustin Body (d- Body) This model has an even softer shoulder than the S Body, and even more natural deconstructed shoulder and is generally styled in a French face/half lined jacket. This shoulder shows "grinze" creases/pleating at the sleeve head. This soft jacket is usually accompanied by a 3 patch pocket. The X Body- Similar to the G body characterized by the single button closure which created a more fitted midsection with in the garment. ***** ***** 730 Fifth Avenue, #1004 New York, NY 10019"
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I think the key to your comments that that the Isaia rep is referring to a marketing
manuel. My comments on the thread re: comparing Isaia, Kiton and Brioni address
the changes in Isaia.

In my experience the current "Base S" model is significantly different from previous
versions to the point where silhouette and even size differ. See my remarks:

In addition to the preceding comments, the vendors change the cut
over time even within the "models". Case in point, A year or so ago
I was a 44R in the Isaia Base S model at Saks and Niemans. (I own a Sirio
which is the immediate predecessor model which has natural shoulders
and some drape) Last year's Base S fit more or less the same as the Sirio.
In this years Base S, at least in the San Francisco Niemans and Saks,
I might take a 46 R even though I've lost about 5 lbs (2.2 Kilos)
around the midsection. In addition, the jacket is shorter and the
shoulders are no longer natural. I would never buy the model.
(BTW, in October Paul Stuart has (had?) an Isaia which had
the exact cut I prefer: Very natural shoulders, longer coat,
drape. A bargain at $6000 !!. at Paul Stuart. The salesman
was apologetic. I was apoplectic.)

The sales person at Niemans rattled on that a younger generation
was now running Isaia and was striving for god knows what. She
used terms like "sartorial" "younger expression" and other
"fashion babble". If Isaia wants to sell to hollow-chested
narrow-shouldered wimps of the sort who infest The Sartorialist,
fine. I won't buy their clothes anymore.
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I love the fit of the S and the V base.
Have a cashmere S base sportcoat that completely flatters my shoulders and waist.
V base is more poignant and I would reserve more for a suit.
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Thanks - great info!
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