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Which AE wholecut?

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So i found out at work today i can get any AE shoe for half its MSRP and have decided to go with a AE wholecut, at 150+5 shipping i don't think its a bad deal.  However i can't decide between the fairfax or the hastings Right now i'm leaning for towards the fairfax in merlot because i like the medallion toe, but i don't like the side brouging to much.  I think the hastings is cleaner but wanted some other opinions. Can anyone tell me how to tell what last they are on and what other shoes have the same last?
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Personally, I think the broguing on the Fairfax is much more handsome than on the Hastings. (Otherwise, I don't think there is any real difference between the two.) On the other hand, I do prefer the chili color in which the Hastings is offered to any of the three color options for the Fairfax. If the the Fairfax were offered in chili, I might be tempted. Both are on the #5 last, which is good fit on my foot, but it is a little long and narrow compared to other A-E lasts. Other A-E lace-ups on the #5 last include the famous Park Avenue cap-toe and the Seneca moc-toe.
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I agree that the Fairfax is far more handsome. The other just looks odd -- conspicuous, even, and that's always a bad sign.
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I actually prefer the grayson and the Leeds. But go with the one you prefer. If you have your eye on others and want to see better views, go to Zappos and see if they have them. If so, you can get all sorts of views.
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I find the Fairfax to be much more handsome. It looks like a proper dress shoe; the Hastings, a hybrid athletic shoe.
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While the Fairfax is handsome, I have the Hastings in chili and I love it.
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ok i was leaning towards the fairfax,but now which color? i just got a cordavan belt that would go nicely with the merlot but brown would be more useful to me...
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I would do the Merlot (I'm one of those guys that still like Burgundy shades a great deal.).
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I have generally been opposed to these AE wholecuts, but I will admit after having seen one in person recently they're not that bad.
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As for color, I vote for chestnut. Shows off the broguing nicely.
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Of the two, I prefer the Fairfax, and would choose whatever AE calls their darkest brown. That's a great price. I personally don't own any AEs, but it seems like you're getting a steal.
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get the AE Fairfax in chestnut, and then try darkening as in one of the antique threads...
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I also prefer the Fairfax. The other has a 'sneaker like' look to it that I don't care for.
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Agree with the majority opinion. Fairfax. Chestnut.
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Saw the Fairfax in the store today. It looks much better than the photo on the Allen Edmonds site. When viewed from above as an observer would when you wear them the side brouging is much less prominent than the side shot web site photos would have you believe.
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