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How do you guys fit into the APC Unisex?! - Page 2

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I am liking the look of my Rescues through the legs about one week into the break in process. No taper; no flair. Just about right -- a pretty masculine cut, actually. The waist (and more and more the seat) is another story. Both have stretched out considerably. I am a 33 waist in everything from Brooks Brothers to JCrew to Banana Republic to Ralph Lauren. I wear a 36 belt at the middle hole in Coach, Cole Haan, and Trafalgar. But I'll be damned if after a week of stretching the APC Rescue size 30 waist isn't at least two inches too big for me. I'm actually a little concerned that after months of breaking these things in I'll end up with a great looking pair of jeans that are three sizes too big.
I just got my Rescues a few days ago, size 31, and like the legs too.  Mine are slightly big in the waist and butt, initially as well as post-stretch. APC dry jeans seem to be cut with .25" extra (16.75, 17.25, etc.) in waist width, whereas their washed ones I've seen run 16.5", 17"....  So I'm assuming they're meant to shrink .5" through the waist when washed.  I think I'll wash mine just once sometime soon.  Hopefully, the butt area will tighten up a little too. I got rid of the stretch by tossing them (inside-out) in the dryer for a couple minutes.  Good for now.
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I can't find my tape measure, but for reference the hems are about 3/4" narrower than the knees. However, where I will probably place the hems (since they come so long) is only about 1/4" narrower. They narrow a lot at the very end.
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you can stretch the hems, can't you? It just came through my mind that one can loosen up a tight jeans by wearing them with multiple long-johns underwear. It would stretch the most in the tighter areas so the results would be nice. Additionally, the wear marks should become much more pronounced.
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Many thanks J. I'll be shortening mine to like a 31.5" length eventually, so it doesn't sound like taper willl be too much of a problem.
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I agree -- I dislike the tapered leg look so much. Infact I can't wear any jeans that don't cover a sizeable portion of my shoe without constantly thinking how akward it looks.
I feel the same exact way. Even with my APC English, I'm always paranoid that they look kinda tapered (even though I know they're not). I'm so used to the bootcut look, that I thought all my shoes looked funny when wearing anything non-bootcut. But I think I've finally gotten more accustomed to it now.
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