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How do you guys fit into the APC Unisex?!

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How in the world do you guys fit into your APC Unisex jeans? I consider myself a pretty slim guy... but when I tried on a pair of Unisex jeans a few weeks ago, I could barely pull them on. I'm used to having a comfortably tight fit around the upper leg areas, but this thing was skin tight all the way down to my calves. My gf also tried on a pair of unisex jeans... her legs are pretty damn skinny, and even she had a hard time putting them on. How do you guys do it? Do they eventually break-in to be much roomier? I can't even imagine how tight their Tight jeans are....
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They are nuts.... Or should I say, extremely constrictive on the nuts. I had to return mine for a pair of Rescues, which aren't much better. Basically, they fit like spandex from just above the knee to one inch short of the waistband, and then all of a sudden they're an inch too big. Damn you APC.
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I was considering getting the APC Women's Jean because I want a slim leg but if you have trouble fitting into the Unisex, I may reconsider. What's your true waist size (tape measure yourself)? What size did you order? What are the jeans true size (see measurement index thread)? Is the waist fitting OK; you're just having trouble with the leg? Maybe we should add leg circumference (at various points: thigh, knee, leg opening (flare)) to the measurement index thread.
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my unisex/newstandards fit fine. i could even go a size down and be cool with it. maybe it's the stiffness of the dry denim you're having a prob with. when i first got mine i could barely button the fly
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Yeah, they were pretty tight at first, but they do stretch out and break in. I'm not extremely skinny and they aren't skin tight on me. We'll see what happens when I wash them though....
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the same here. at first they were tight on the waist and from the knees up, but after some wearing they are confortable. btw, I'm currently a little overweight. I'm 5'11, 195 lbs. have you tried going some sizes up?
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They're kind of loose on me. The APC women's jeans are looser than the unisex of the same size. 28 Hipsters is about equal to 30 unisex.
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I'm usually a 30" waist, and when I tried on the New Standards in 30", they fit quite snugly around the waist. I can see the waist probably stretching to be more comfortable... but man, those jeans really were skin tight everywhere else as well. I felt like if I bent down too fast, I'd wind up splitting the seams. So I wound up getting a pair of APC English. The New Standards also appeared to have a pretty noticable taper in the legs... I'm surprised that people seem to not notice this. I guess maybe I'm not "progressive" enough in my denim appreciation, but I really dislike the look of tapered pants. Which really surprises me that people often have a hard time deciding between getting the New Standards vs the Rescues/English cut. The cut is so different, it seems one would lean heavily towards one or the other.
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I agree -- I dislike the tapered leg look so much. Infact I can't wear any jeans that don't cover a sizeable portion of my shoe without constantly thinking how akward it looks.
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I think tapered looks nice sometimes, specially with some boots, see Dior Homme style
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I wear tapered jeans, or straight legs that are so skinny they can't taper without looking stupid. I like the look so long as they are tight up top. Can't have that horrible upside-down triangle look. Also, I really don't see the NS as being very tapered. They are almost straight to my eyes.
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I am liking the look of my Rescues through the legs about one week into the break in process. No taper; no flair. Just about right -- a pretty masculine cut, actually. The waist (and more and more the seat) is another story. Both have stretched out considerably. I am a 33 waist in everything from Brooks Brothers to JCrew to Banana Republic to Ralph Lauren. I wear a 36 belt at the middle hole in Coach, Cole Haan, and Trafalgar. But I'll be damned if after a week of stretching the APC Rescue size 30 waist isn't at least two inches too big for me. I'm actually a little concerned that after months of breaking these things in I'll end up with a great looking pair of jeans that are three sizes too big.
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montecristo, they probably will not stretch out anymore than they have at this point, but if you throw them in the dryer with a softener sheet in the back pocket (wait at least a couple weeks of wear to do this) on high heat inside out for about 50-60 minutes they should shrink down to how they were before you stretched them. Works for me, anyway.
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After a week, at the waist, I agree with Brian that's probably all they will stretch. They won't stretch anymore at the waist, but the legs may still loosen up a bit. That's what happened to my New Standards. After some 2 months I feel the legs have molded, stretching in the parts in which they were tighter... they don't look so tight and tapered as they were at first, which is good IMO.
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Would somebody be able to post the width of the end of the leg opening?
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