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Do you have youre series 7 fold.... Same joke, 2x, double the laughter.
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Gold Dust anyone? He never wore a gold tie.
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Originally Posted by RJman View Post
Uh-oh! Sounds like you've encountered the infamous "Fool's Gold" tie!

What do you mean?
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I would like to know too...
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Originally Posted by Manton View Post
In these times, gold is an important hedge against inflation that should be a part of any balanced wardrobe.

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Alberts was selling a 12% 24CT Brioni on the B&S forum not too long ago. He's removed the pic...but really was black and patterned with square geometric my google search retrieved this paisley
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I saw a vintage sulka tie go on ebay that had a ton of real 24k gold thread woven in with the silk. It even had a separate tag on the back mentioning the gold purity and honestly it looked "tarnished" a bit but then again how do you clean the gold thread in a silk tie without dissolving the whole thing?

It was pretty spectacular looking on Ebay but in real life it might have looked weird.
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