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C&J Chelsea Sizing

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Apologies if this has been covered before. Just wondering if anyone is familiar with the sizing for the C&J Chelsea boot on the 238 last, before I make an online purchase. For reference, I take a US 9 (42) in Mantellassi, US 9 in Santoni. I have a pair of Polo chelsea boots (made in Italy, not C&J) that are US 9.5 and they are a tad snug. Any comments are appreciated. Thanks.
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if you're looking at a C&J chelsea with the interesting treads on the bottom, i have it in 9.5d (and i have a rlpl eg monkstrap in 9.5d and an alden in 9.5d) - it fits me very well and is extremely comfortable. don't know if that helps.
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I think your boot (with the dainite? sole) is on a slightly different last albeit probably very similar. I was thinking about that one also as I do a lot of city walking. Thanks for input. At least the US size seems to track with Alden and Ralph so I'll have a bit of reference.
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The 238 is long and narrow from my experience. If you need a try-on, I suggest heading down to your nearest BB. They carry a few models on the 238 (I own the black monks fwiw).
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not dainite, leather sole but with little rubber bumps and a ring of traction. Now that I look at the catalog on Plal, it looks like the Grafton (last 342) so still not the same last (but looks similar)
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