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Advice required- cheap watch.

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I am in the market for a new watch, and before I buy anything or make any decisions I am seeking the comments of the forum. I am after something "dressy", which I can wear when I am in more casual atire, ie sports jacket and slacks, and something which will go with brown shoes, but still looks smart, and is different from the legion of identical round faced metal strap examples out there. (perhaps of rectangular design, leather strap) I am looking at the lower end here, as I only want to pay around £100, maybe up to £150 for the right item, but I still hope to be able to get a smart, perhaps slightly unusual item for that money with your help. I appreciate I am not going to get an IWC for this money but any advice on an affordable quality item and sources is welcome.
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I haven't bought anything off of the site but has some interesting watches. They have a section "under $300" which has some nice stuff. Hope this helps
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I am a big fan of Skagen watches: Skagen Watches They have a variety of designs, and even their traditional round-faced metal bracelet models are made with tiatnium cases instead of stainless steel, which gives them a different look. In the US, they retail for about $100, they are designed in Denmark and have Japanese quartz movement, so they should not be significantly more expensive in the UK. Regards, Tony
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