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Today I had an hour to kill so I decided to go check out the new Seven mens jeans. Tried a bootcut and straight leg style on, fit was good, but I'm looking at myself in the mirror and it hits me that I'm getting a little sick of "heritage"-style denim - I've got enough designer PDC, Earl, Diesel, etc. as well as the requisite vintage 501s. Can anyone recommend brands of jeans I should look for that are "anti-heritage"? I'm looking for something different in terms of finish *and* cut - I have some raw denim G-stars which would fit the bill, however they're a fairly pedestrian high waist/straight leg. I suppose they need to be "futuristic" - not rave-ish or hip-hop-ish, no hammer loops... something like the Levi's Red but with easy availability (since those are impossible to find in North America.)