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Sincerely - how does anyone condone metal heel taps? - Page 2

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Originally Posted by HORNS View Post
I use crampons on all my shoes so the sole doesn't get damaged . . . at all.

They have excellent purchase on wooden floors.

- B
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Originally Posted by Kuro View Post
I have shoes with metal taps (along with shoes with metal toe plates) and have not experienced the phenomenon you describe.

seldomly that we agree, but most of the posts are just ridiclous and are carried by group-think.

to the op and underwriting banks: stop buying manly stuff, if you cannot handle it.

understood, it belongs to personal preferences, but it takes some personal experience, too
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Originally Posted by omjk View Post
I am reassured that many have had similar experiences, and Kuro, find it odd that you've never been in danger of slipping on smooth surfaces with your metal taps.

Sorry, I misread your post. All of my taps/plates are toe only.
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Here is an interesting read on what appears to be a patent for the invention itself: Sole and heel shoe tap United States Patent 4587746 Inventors: Williams, Alvin (Apt. 4B, 720 Lenox Avenue, New York, NY, 10039) More here: http://www.freepatentsonline.com/4587746.html A brief history of Tap Shoes for dancing: http://www.tiptoedancewear.com/tap-history/ Historically, for the lower class, the invention of shoe taps had to be borne out of necessity. Probably it was inspired by horse shoes. If they can fasten metal to a horses hoof, then why not a leather shoe, only smaller. Certainly it was quickly adapted for Military use as well. Nothing more impressive than seeing hundreds or thousands or tens of thousands of soldiers marching with taps. It must have sounded like sheer thunder, and would most certatinly intimidate as well as impress anyone hearing the sound. The Tap dancing use had to have come after. I feel this, because Military always gets the toys first. I tried metal taps on a pair of shoes and almost broke my neck slipping in them, not mentioning the crashing sound they made. It just turned every head, and that was not my intention at all. I concur with Rider's post earlier. There is no need for metal taps. Regular maintenance, and non-abusive wearing are the keys to a shoes long life. Maybe Nylon Taps offer a better alternative to metal. Metal Taps, outside of the dancing world, no longer serve any purpose I can think of. Perhaps Cowboy Boots or a narrow toe shoe may warant metal toe taps? My own decisions for any of my clothing / footwear are made by addressing a specific need first. Anything after that, is 'pure theatre' in my estimation. Where is Manton & Sator today? I'd like to learn more about the history of metal taps. Google offered very little.
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You can be the next Savion Glover.

He tapped in the Diddy "It's All About the Benjamins" video, y'know?
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Why would someone, who did not want the wear of the tip of the sole or the heel, choose taps over, say, Topying? I have never worn taps, but I find the prominence of the plastic ones odd and, like others have stated, theoretically dangerous. At least the Topy provides grip.
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