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After reading my post carefully, I still can't find no mention of suits. EGs and pocket squares stapled to our chests (or double tape for the faint) - we don't need to worry about what others think when we parade.... B
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At least have the decency to sport some sweet RLPL Butt Floss.
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J, I thought we already agreed to....
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My eyes. My eyes... Someone please blind me. Carlo, you actually DOWNLOADED that picture to keep? Does Jill know?
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RJman - well the same night that thread was going I discovered Elijah Craig 18 yo bourbon.... and well, I figured that auction had to be saved for posterior ...I mean posterity. Ouch... Bourbon, sick mind, Photoshop ...makes for one helluva cocktail.
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Happily, the auction appears to have been won by this nice young Argentinean lady with an intriguing tattoo: It seems to fit her better, don't you think?
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I live in a village where their is a huge gay population (as a percentage) and has a gay mayor. we went last year and this year, they have a little fair, with various information booths and a little carnival, and the best bouncy castles around. my wife and I have a bunch of gay friends and aquantances, and I am strongly in favor of gay marridge, so we figure it is a good way to show support, as well as teach my son about tolerance. but there is very little nudity or anything - the gays here are mostly middle aged, middle class. this year there was a small demonstration of fundamentalists christians standing across from the gay pride fair demonstration how they were going to hell. I was pretty upset as they obviously had come from outside of our town to demonstrate, and they had picked this day to do it. my son asked me who they were and why they had "flags" and I told him that they were people who didn't like the way some people lived, and fetl so strongly about it that they wanted to tell the world that they didn't like these people. I said that they thought that "H's (a friend of my son) moms were bad people because of the way that they lived" and he said "they aren't bad, they always have been good to me". I think it was an opportunity for a good lesson.
"Tonight, on a very special Blossom..."
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You revived a 6 year old thread for that ?
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