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Skeetybug, I have tried to do a lot of research on the MCM Classics reproduction and I haven't found a lot, but everything I have found from purchasers say that they are exact replicas of excellent quality. Did you ever end up ordering from them? Rove looks good, but some opinions I have seen online say that the MCM version is better (and a bit less expensive).

Also heard decent things about Barcelona-Designs and Manhattan Home Design.

Don't care to hear about the real vs. reproduction pros and cons because that's not the question that was asked by toe OP and it's not the question I'm asking. You guys should maybe find a thread praising the authentic versions - this ain't one of them. Thanks for all of the positive and, more importantly, on point responses.
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Anyone have the MCM version

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From what I have read/asked/researched, it looks like Rove and Iconic Interiors are the only two that both do the veneer on the inside (which does show through in certain spots) and removable cushions. Rove jacked their prices up a bit to reflect the latest and greatest version to about 1600. Add in the 200 shipping and these are getting up there. Iconic is even more pricey. There prices seem to be getting very close to a second hand HM version that I see on Craigslist.


All the other companies out there arent selling loungers as nice as these two it would appear. I guess its a matter of how much you want to spend. Spend a little, get a little. Spend more and get more. Spend a lot and, well, you get a Herman Miller:-)

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Apologies. I haven't check on this forum for a while. I usually use Apartment therapy or Houzz. Anyway, to answer your questions: I ended up buying from mcmclassics. They have two versions and I bought one of each to test them out. They call it charles lounge chair: standard and premium versions. the premium versions are like rove concepts about the same price but free shipping. the standard version is 899. I showed these two to my clients and most prefer the 899 rather than the 1600. you can click here to view the differences. too much to list them here. http://www.mcmclassics.com/charles-lounge-chair-and-ottoman-premium-version/

I do not work for any of these companies, I am an interior decorator specializing in mid century modern to contemporary styles. I found that mcm has a lot of ribbed and softpad executive chairs that are very similar to herman miller versions with the brushed aluminum frames. personally I bought a few for my clients and they love them. the downside is they always out of stock because they are so popular.

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Originally Posted by odee911 View Post

Hey Skeety


Yes, all their cushions are fully removable, the way their cushion attaches to the veneer is exactly the same as the Herman Miller version.  They showed me this in person, and I was able to also see the real thing 5 blocks down the road.  Its essentially 3 hooks with a button that clicks in.  The seat and ottoman cushions are exact dimensions and are interchangeable as well.


The rubber shock mounts that they use are the same as the Herman Miller, when you sit and settle into the chair you will feel that 1.5 inch flex when leaning back. It is pretty much effortless and makes the chair extremely comfortable.  


They have since raised their prices to $1595, I have checked this out in person on the new revisions the inside of the shell is now finished with the matching veneer.  They have also intergrated more down/dacron underneath the PU foam which will sit pretty much just like the Herman Miller version, you sink in nice and soft with the cushion reinflating when you get up.  


I'm will be paying the  $200 to update my current chair, which I am already satisfied with.


Leave you guys off with my sexy chair from Rove Concepts







Hi odee911,


I'm interested in buying the Eames Lounge Chair from Rove Concepts and was wondering if you might be able to send/post other pictures of yours! As far as comfort and quality are you still satisfied? Also which leather grain did you go with? I've purchased the Eames dinning Chairs and was happy with the quality reproduction.  Have you purchased anything else from Rove? Hope to hear from you. Thanks!

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