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Ozwald boateng suits

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I'm planning a trip to London in early October and I was thinking of getting some Ozwald Boateng suits while I'm there. Now from what I have read on the guy his suits seem to be top of the line but you can't always trust everything you read. If anyone has any experience with this British designer I would be delighted to hear any comments you might have.
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I could be wrong, but I always thought of him in the same vein as Richard James, i.e. Savile Row noveaux riche. Then again, the only house on the row with which I'm very familiar is Kilgour French Stanbury. You definitely can't go wrong with Kilgour. Even their new Shanghai Bespoke line is excellently tailored, albeit offering a much limited selection of fabrics compared to Kilgour's sewn-in-England line. And their English-made stuff lasts forever. If I weren't about 6" taller  than my grandfather (with commensurately bigger waist, thighs, etc.), I would have expropriated his Kilgour morning coat that dates from the teens. It still looks that good. Frankly, I doubt the Chinese-made stuff is any less durable. Another tailored line I recently saw is Paul Smith's. His selection of fabrics is still rather limited compared to Kilgour. But the price. A real, bespoke-in-Britain suit starting at less than a thousand quid (~US$1500). That's a small premium over Kilgour's Chinese-tailored suits, and I would pick between them based on which one offers fabric you like. Either one puts a comparably-priced ready-to-wear to shame. A little bit off the beaten path, you may want to take a detour to the Continent and check out Knize in Vienna or Max Dietl in Munich. Construction quality will be the same as the two clothiers share a Werkstatt. Knize's silhouette has a little bit softer shoulders. I am a huge fan of Knize. Their prices are low compared to top-notch ready-to-wear, which is the only kind that will remotely approach the quality. Peace, JG
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A return to the forum ( I hear those collective moans.). Boateng suits are not so much noveaux-riche as old money trying to be a bit more funky. Noveaux-riche tend to stick with Ralph Lauren Purple Label and the other 'classic' ilk. Boateng is comparitively hip, with fabrics and colors that wouldn't go out of place on P. Diddy (again, I hear the moans.) who shops at both Kilgour and James and James, the later of which I recommend for suits. As with Boateng, Paul Smith takes classic cuts and jazzes them up a little, normally in detail: cuffs with flowers embroidered on the inside, naked women on the soles of shoes etc. If you like this kind of thing, there are several other designers who are lesser-known and certainly non-mainstream, all of which are puchaseable in the Mens Formal Wear section on the first floor of Selfridges. I hope this helps a bit... Good to be back. European Interloper
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Didn't realize that he was named the designer for Givenchy Homme. Should be interesting. Would be nice to see Givenchy come back like Dior.
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I own 4 or 5 Ozwald Boateng RTW suits, some of those I have never wore. I bought these on sale about 5 years ago when prices were quite low. The quality of his suits is generally quite low and, unless you can pick them up for less than 200 pounds, I would look elsewhere on the Row.
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