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Great films

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I just finished watching "The Constant Gardener." It is one of the best movies I've seen recently (granted...I don't watch a lot of movies), but it really had me thinking.

What movies have you watched, recently or in the distant past, that have made you think anything more than "that was a decent movie"?
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I studied film for a bit in undergrad, and I have to say without a doubt that Casablanca is one of the finest films ever made.
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Marcel Carne's Les Enfant du Paradis, one of the greats in cinema.
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Harold and Maude for sure.
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Originally Posted by Aperipan View Post
Harold and Maude for sure.

I saw this for first time the other night and I can't believe I haven't seen it before. Very funny. And for the first ten or so mins I thought I was watching LK.
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I really wasn't a fan of the constant gardener.
Recently I've seen Taken and that was just an amazing action movie.
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Do we really need another thread on this?

Have the other ones (in the proper subforum) expired or something?
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