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Just joined the forum today
So, hello all!

and here's my list of favs..

Paul Frank
Hugo Boss
Ted Baker
Ralph Lauren

and... ecko.. just kidding.. i tend to stick to these 8.. a list of 10 would be a stretch

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Yohji Yamamoto
Rei Kawakubo
Martin Margiela
John Galliano
Jean Paul Gaultier

These designers come to mind for their creativity, craftsmanship and quality of design. I still have a wonderful black Yohji Yamamoto suit from 1991 that I can still wear today, no problem. Timeless.
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best thread
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Originally Posted by chobochobo View Post
To the OP: you're going down, you're going down, you're going down....


No were not, No were not, No were not !!!!!!!!

You must be a closet macam urgggggggghhhhhhh
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My top 5 In no particular order

Ralph Lauren (Black Label especially)
Dolce & Gabanna
Jil Sander
Hugo Boss
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Eric Glennie
Sergio Georgini
Paolo Gucci
Hugo Boss
John Blair Collection
Key Largo Wicking

Originally Posted by Fuuma View Post
Hmm (to wear and still active):

Nicolas Andreas Taralis
Rick Owens
Carol Christian Poell
Thom Browne
Comme des garçons
Junya Watanabe
Ann Demeulemeester
Oh wait, people r taking this srsly?

Lanvin pre-2008
Richard James socks
Sulka (old)
Iron Heart
Edward Green
Paysan Ruse
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for clothing
Dolce and Gabbana
Martin Maison Margiela
Marc Jacobs
John Varvatos
Ralph Lauren
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In order, Yohji Yamamoto / Y's for men Volga Volga Joe Casely-Hayford Kiminori Morishita and a little bit of Henrik Vibskov, Geller, and Giuliano Fujiwara. and I know its not designer, but I absolutely love Uniqlo and Muji.
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Not sure if these are all considered "designers" and I don't have anywhere near 10...but these are the clothing brands I have a lot of respect for: Ralph Lauren-He knew what he was doing and he makes a good garment. He's over extended himself, but that is what public companies have to do. Too much far east production. Anderson and Sheppard-love their heritage and they have maintained incredible quality Belvast-beautiful garment Alden-pound for pound...the BEST Brooks Brothers-less and less each day, but up until the late 70s...they were maybe the best ever for the price. now, far east production just like everyone else. Hermes-they have maintained elite quality in their leather goods for a long, long time FM Allen-these guys are pretty new on the block, but I love where they seem to be going. Very classic english, but some american twists. Fantastic quality. Huntsmen-love their fabrics.
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Brooks brothers
Ralph Lauren
Gant USA
Vineyard Vines
J Press
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