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They have a few others too, by some other brands as well.
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Originally Posted by phildo View Post
Urban Outfitters has one made by Koto.


so koto is Uo's all encompassing approach to marketing any sort of work-wear/repro/japanese market-esque gear?
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I really love Hawaiian shirts. It shows the wearer's colorful personality. I've been looking for these kind of shirts lately and I found this site. Hawaii Statehood Apparel Aren't the shirts cool? =)
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I have an old retro one from the 60s. They aren't supposed to be very slim though, it will trap heat that way. I'll rock the Hawaiian shirt if it's 100 degrees or I'm at the beach.
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Nice revival. Speaking of Aloha shirts, I just picked this one up from LE and the fit is nice (much less boxy than most Aloha's I've tried). Has a print from Hoffman California Fabrics. 40% off right now too.


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EG. Can't wait to rock this in Hawaii later this year.
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Sorry for the pedantry, but if you're going the Hawaiian shirt route, you've got to get one with the oversized, spread collar.

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Originally Posted by i01111000 View Post

 Still no appearances at Old Navy and the like. I'm not one to be mass market trendy. 

They are at Old Navy and have been for at least the past two seasons.


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