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Interchangeable belts, BYO buckle

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Damn this broken search function. There was a thread last seen a month or so ago in Men's Clothing about buying a few high quality belts and mix-matching with a set of buckles. General opinion was that this was a fantastic idea but no one could recommend a good belt supplier. Reading through the famous Engineered Garments thread today, I found that j had posted a good supplier of buckle-less bridle leather belts: A few concerns I still have are: 1) No one has posted a hands-on review of the belt. 2) How does the buckle keeper work? Is it compatible with a wide variety of buckles? 3) Where to find good buckles?
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The keeper works just like the keeper on any belt. It should work with any buckle. I really like the look of those bridle belts. For $56 (for the 1.5in, the one that will work with the most buckles) it might be worth a try. For buckles you are on your own - most of them offend my taste. I do like this one, though.
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I have 18 belts -- just counted. An interchangeable system would really trim that number down while improving both the quality and variety of belts that I can wear.
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About two years ago, I went to the cobbler and had him make me a belt that could be used with all of my buckles -- for about 20 bucks.  I picked the leather, width, etc, and it was custom fitted for me.  I am so happy with this decision.   I buy fun, vintage buckles on eBay all the time for about $4.00 and just trade them out on my belt.
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Kent and others: You guys should dial up  They have every strap style and width under the sun and an almost endless number of buckle styles in several finishes.  They sell one 1 1/8" dress belt (that is a dead ringer for the Allen-Edmonds Basic Dress Belt) that comes with 3 interchangeable buckles--gold-finished, silver-finished, and a sort of black-chrome.  Their prices are rock-bottom--usually about $19 per belt.  The belts are not lined, but they are nicely finished, and from 2 feet away, look in the same class as the A-E belt mentioned earlier. The owner, Ken, is very easy to work with, and you could undoubtedly mix and match buckles with his help.  I have three of their belts now and don't hesitate to wear them with my very best dress outfits.
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I remember starting a thread on mix-and-match belts and buckles ages ago. I have since 'lived the dream' thanks to Filene's, where I was able to pick up a couple of Trafalgar belts with interchangable buckles. Other options include: Ralph Lauren, who sells belt straps that are a tad too narrow for my taste here Another great supplier is James M. Reid, who sells a selection of buckles ranging from the outre to the sophisticated and what seem to be fairly-priced belt straps in a variety of leathers. I have been meaning to try them for ages, but have yet to bite the bullet, so can't speak from experience. Click here to see a selection of their straps. Hope this helps.
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