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JAB's undershirts are pretty good.  The white, short sleeve ones.  I wear them everyday.  The weird thing is that out of the 6 or so I've had, two of them shrunk.  Yet they're not supposed to shrink.  And five or so years ago, I bought one of their leather jackets on sale (the sale was like 75% off or so) and I've had it since.  It's really nice.  

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I find that JAB takes a beating on these forums, but I just bought 2 Signature dress pants today for the 2/$195 deal.  The fit was great and I can't say I was taken back by the quality.  I am waiting for the dreaded in store tailoring to be complete.  While the jury is still out...I can't say that I am having buyers remorse.  

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Seems a high price to pay for JAB pants when they are regularly $80, but if you needed them now...
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You are lying about the quality. I know clothing, and have been deciding on what brand and where to get my clothes based on where the company's clothing is made. The practice of doing that is despicable. The quality of clothing that is made in developing countries except Peru is bad. China made clothing is horrid, and so is in any Asian country including Vietnam, Pakistan, and etc.., and any developing country. The best countries to make clothing is France, Peru, USA, England, and Italy but it might be a sweatshop if it something besides silk ties or leather boots.
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To start, JAB adverts are very cheesy and "gypsy" like. I will 100% agree with this. But when it comes to quality of fabric for the price... That is hard to beat. If you do the research on where the fabric is from then you are getting the answer for how luxurious the fabric is. Then you bring me to my next point, for the most part if i walked by you on the street wearing a JAB signature $895 and a BB $1499 you would not be able to tell me which one was a better suit. The fabric quality is the same. JAB does make a $1295 signature gold, $1695 Centocinquanta, and a $2195 Platinum suit (which is super 150s made in Italy).  If you are able to buy a made in Italy super 150s wool suit from JAB Buy 1 (at $2195) Get 3 Free what makes it any worse than a BB suit at 2 for 1400 or other equally valued brands that offer Italian made suits?


This is to just ponder and converse over not to argue about which high end suit is better than JAB. I know there are much better suits out there. All I am trying to say is why bash a company over its adverts before you even put on any of there suits. My MTM suit that cost me an arm and a leg is just as nice as my JAB sig gold. The only difference is i paid the same price for 4 suits with tailoring as I did for 1 MTM. 


I receive compliments on both suits, people are just surprised when I tell them one is JAB. My feeling on the matter is people let there egos get in the way when purchasing suits.


If suit A and suit B are the same quality then doesn't it come down to saving your self some money? or is it about the "prestige" that you want to buy?

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I'm having a problem with the front button placat shrinking on both the button hole side and the button side. The results are the buttons don't line up and looks terrible. I buy the all cotton travelers shirts and have them laundered at the cleaners. They say it's poor workmanship, the materials don't withstand the commercial laundry process. I do not have this problem with any of my all cotton regular shirts...just traveler...whats the cause, what's the fix?
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I recently bought a few ties from JoS A. Bank, wore one three times and it started falling apart. Terrible quality.

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How has the quality @ JAB been since their acquisition by MW? I have a wedding coming up and some nephews need some inexpensive suits. They are tall but so young and likely to continue growing so we don't want to spend a bunch of $. $200 for a suit they can have for even a year or two would be good.

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In what country does Jos A  Banks make their clothes

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where are the stores clothing made?

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