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I would also like to extend to all of you the offer of a phone appointment that I mentioned to RatherAnOddball. Feel free to message me here or by e-mail ( and we can set something up if you have more in-depth questions or want to explore an answer further.
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In answer to a private message: the upcoming 50% off sale is called Super Tuesday...Tuesday, June 16th, 2009. Most stores are open 8a-10p.
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This is kinda dead, but I need to vent. I just returned from my local JAB and the pricing system sucks. I understand having a sale, but tag the damn item. Everything I tried on required the sales lady to check the price "and see what she could do". That shit sucks.
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hope there's no problem bringing up a dead thread... but does anyone have experience with these suits? they look interesting and i'm wondering if it's worth the 40 mile drive to my nearest one.
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here is my experience with jab suits.  i bought a suit there for $200.  it was/originally listed at $400.  two years later, it is falling apart.  meanwhhile, a suit by alfani bought a macys at around the same time.  its in great shape and just feels nicer.  i probably will not but another suit from jab.  i did just today get two sets of shoe trees for $12.50 eachfrom jab, so that was nice!

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I went with my son-in-law to JAB today. He needed a suit. I was talking with the sales associate and he was telling me how good their suits were. I quote, "Our signature gold are the equivalent of the top of the line Hickey Freeman or Oxxford and our Platinum suits are the equivalent of Brioni." I couldn't help myself and I started to laugh, he was offended. He said, "You don't believe me?" and I replied, "No sir, I don't. In fact, you don't know what you are talking about." I wasn't trying to offend him, I just thought it was funny. Why do they train their sales associates to say such things? I have some Signature Gold sport coats and I really like them. I bought them mostly for the patterns. I too hate their advertisements and now I hate the mumbo jumbo that their sa's spout.
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This may be a naive question, but I subscribed to the JAB mailing list a few months ago and quickly unsubscribed because I was getting nearly daily e-mails about sales like buy 1 suit, get 2 free etc etc. How can JAB afford to do this?

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their marketing model im sure works but it is pretty pathetic. i get like 5 emails per week promoting their absurd bogo sales. to take full advantage of these so called sales, they are still separatinng you from $500 or so. for that, id rather get one quality piece that will last a while.
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Originally Posted by brokemedstudent View Post

How can JAB afford to do this?

Because JAB's retail price exists only to enhance the perceived value of the "sales," which are more like the regular price.
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Originally Posted by Grenadier View Post

Because JAB's retail price exists only to enhance the perceived value of the "sales," which are more like the regular price.

Exactly. A suit is not really a 800 dollar suit when it is perpetually on sale for 199.
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Are any of them fully canvassed?

Also, do you sell clothes based on customer ignorance and lack of knowledge?

If someone asked you in store how you compare to Polo Ralph Lauren, Ralph Lauren Black Label, or even Ralph Lauren Purple Label, what would you say?
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Believe me...all of our in-store associates are in agreement about the voice-over guy for the commercials. We make fun of him all the time, haha. JOOOSEPH! A! much enjoyedThe avoiceover wasBANK!

I disagree. I very much enjoyed his voice. It was one of the few advertisements I used to look forward to. I found recently that the voice was that of a famous Broadway actor Danny Maseng (look him up on Wikipedia). I realized a few weeks ago just before he was replaced that it reminded me of the Mary Poppins song Fidelity Fiduciary Bank (I do not know whether this was intentional). I am probably showing my age (56 - not that old but not a sprring either).
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sorry! instead of posting a new reply to your post I accidentally ended it. I'm not sure how that happened. Also, my post got truncated - spring should have been spring chicken.
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Traveler vs. Signature Tux?

In my opinion the Traveler looks more like the traditional tux with great contrast between jacket and lapel, where the Signature has an overall "shiney" finish, with little distinction between jacket & lapel,giving it more of a traditional suit appearance.  The Signature shine makes the color appear to be a deep grey when placed next to the Traveler which appears solid black.  The Signature fabric weight is lighter making the overall feel to be less substantial, even dare I say even a bit "feminine".  The Signature shine also made it appeared wrinkled with every crease, where the Traveler looked smooth, polished. masculine.

With the current sale, there is no difference in price between the two, so that is not a consideration.....just the overall appearance.

Question: If two men you just met walked into a room, one wearing a Traveler, the other a Signature....would you noticed the difference?  Which would you admire more?

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