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I grew up watching Leave it to Beaver with "Lumpy" Rutherford, "Whitey" and of course, "the Beaver". Many of my childhood friends acquired nicknames which, perhaps embarassingly, have stuck to this day (We're all in our late 40s and early 50s now.) Examples: Mark D. became "Buford"; Richie J. became "Che"; Terry became "Boogie"; and one guy who I'm not sure even had a first name was simply "Fudgie". There were several attempts at hanging a moniker on me, but nary a one stuck. any of you have a nickname which has hung with you since childhood? If so, care to share?
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Benjy, like in Faulkner's "The Sound and the Fury"
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Topcat, hence my username. A combination of the cartoon character, it matches my initials (TC) and some other reasons. Bestowed on me by one of my football coaches and it stuck with those who know me from back then ever since.
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For some reason when I was in high school I had something like ten different nicknames. People just liked to coin new handles -- typically variations of 2 or 3 regularly used -- for me for some odd reason. Now I just have one nickname.
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i have a few that are derived from my first name, a couple from my middle name, and about 4 or 5 others which i can't repeat here.
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Elementary school mates tried "Fa" (which I disliked because of the brand of products of the same name) but it never stuck. Most people, especially foreigners, like my name and want to use it (something about the dental "n"...), which has me baffled, as I never actually cared for "Fabienne".
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I've got a couple, but most people call me by my first and last name together as if it's one word.
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"Hey BrianSD"... Odd, I've known other Brians that got the same treatment. You all know my nickname, a lot of people call me "J". Probably more than call me by my real name, come to think of it.
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I've been Stu since my best buddy, in 6th grade, started calling me that. It's actually my first name, but has never been used -- I grew up using my middle name and have my whole life. My buddy had this real long Chezch surname with about 39 consonants and we just called him "K". He's now 42 and even his father calls him K.
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The Gr8-man B8-man (great man bateman). Master Bateman. Master Bates. Baters.
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Heh heh heh heh, he said master.... Oh, never mind.
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