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I'm liking these hockeyboots. They have a sort of visvim vibe.
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Yeah sorry its my fault for reviving a dead thread
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theres also Tretorn x Opening Ceremony
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I just stumbled over Tretorn while searching for classic, reasonably priced, decent quality sneakers.

Can anyone comment on the construction of them (comfort?), fit and quality? Maybe in relation to Converse Chucks since everybody knows them?
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I have a pair of T-56s that I wore all over Europe this summer, and they're still doing fine. I like how they look better than Chucks, but they're not the most comfortable of shoes.
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In how far do they look different to Chucks? And which of them is more comfortable?
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they're slimmer in the sole all around. the canvas is better quality. they're both not the most comfortable shoes.
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I'd never try to walk in Chucks without insoles anyway, so I'll prob do the same with Tretorns...
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They seem pretty nice in person..made out of a nylon type material...if u are in nyc they have a bunch of these at daphys
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I've tried several styles of Tretorn, and I think that Fred Perry is sleeker, better made and far, far more comfortable. The only downside would be FP is pretty branded usually.
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I have some T-56 leather mids I picked up on a steal, I like them asthetically and slightly more comfortwise than chuck taylors. They're a pretty slim shoe, and fit exactly the same size as my chuck taylors. The only strange thing I've noticed from wearing them is that the soles show slight impressions of my feet... Which I've never had happen before on a rubber sneaker. The soles don't seem to be wearing unually fast either, just literally molding to my foot.
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I have some T-56 hi tops in leather. To be honest, I find chucks a lot more comfortable. The shape is nice though.
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How do they run, sizing-wise, in relation to Chucks? edit: okay, dumb question, I'll stand in the corner now and be ashamed of myself.
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I find they run true to size.. as in 1/2 size up from chucks.
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I ordered the T-56 in the same size as my chucks - which I took half a size larger to add insoles. They should arrive tomorrow, so I'll see.
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