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Are these sneakers lame?

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Your opinions please. Normally I don't wear sneakers but I need something comfortable enough to walk long distances in. These might not be too bad if they didn't have the little see-through air window.
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If you don't have them yet, buy some Thorlo Coolmax socks. They may help you a lot in your walks. As for the shoe, I don't like the airmax windows very much either, the rest looks ok.
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Sorry to say but they look kind of old foggie, Florida old foggie. Surely you can find something more handsome.
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Yeah, don't get Cole Haans.
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Perhaps the Kenneth Cole Reaction sneaks would suit your taste. They're fairly subdued, still a little "business dressy". "Medium" is another more subdued, simplistic without being boring brand. Neither are my style though.
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I don't know if this is your style, but I like these Pumas:
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Try Medium sneakers - very comfortable and not nearly as lame. Tsubo might also be down your alley for something a little more fashiony. If you are walking really long distances on rough terrain, I suggest that go get a proper pair of approach shoes at an outdoor store. Vibram soles are amazing.
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has anyone tried U Roads ( the two white models from spring summer (called 'off road' and 'road sport') are quite interesting, though at the same time they offer lots of really ugly product as well real hit and miss but credit is given to them to making shoes out of recycled products
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