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For classical music it's probably best to start with orchestral music. Listen to and study (at least in a minimal extent) all of the symphonies of Beethoven, Brahms, and Schumann, Tschaikovsky 4 and 6, and at least a few Mahler, probably 1, 2 and 5. Listen to some Mozart symphonies, at least 40 and 41. Haydn symphonies, there are 104 or 105, but picking the ones that have a nickname is the best idea. Listen to at least a half dozen Bach Cantatas and know what they're about and why he wrote so many Cantatas. Also, listen to at least some of St. Matthew's Passion. Then start with solo piano repertoire. Chopin nocturnes, Beethoven sonatas, Bach anything, Mozart sonatas, Haydn sonatas, Rachmaninoff etudes, etc. You can then go on to other instruments of your liking (at least one string instrument and one wind instrument) and chamber music. You can stick with string chamber music for the beginning as it is the best. As I'm not a string player, I don't have a great knoweldge of string chamber music, but there is some amazing stuff out there. Oh yeah, and don't forget Vivaldi. His music is fun to listen to.

You will not offend any musician if you say Beethoven is your favorite composer, and know, as a minimum, his odd numbered Symphonies (and 6) and why his piano sonatas are so freaking awesome. Beethoven was extraordinarily ahead of his time and is awesome.

GQGeek and tagutcow's advice are pretty spot on. I would stick with somewhat recent (within the last 35 years) recordings of orchestras in cities you've heard of.

I beg to differ thenanyu. Listening to John Williams' music won't help it getting cultured. It's not bad, but it's not classical music. If you say you love his music to a musician, they'll think you're shallow.

Oh crap, I just wasted my time on a dead thread. hah... well, whatever.
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For one thing, you want to become cultured, not get cultured.
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Originally Posted by TheRookie View Post
As a summer project I'm trying to learn (something) about the art world, architecture, wine, and classical music. Trite I know, but I feel these are topics a man should be able to discuss semi-competently. Any advice on books or other resources to pick up in this quest? Many thanks.

Why should "a man" be able to do so? What makes these topics particularly valuable?

(Learn to ask and answer those questions, and you're a more cultured man than wine nerds.)
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