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Bill Blass suits

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Anybody know the quality (or perhaps lack thereof) of Bill Blass suits? Thanks.
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Low tier suit. At that quality level, the only thing you should consider is fit and whether you like the fabric pattern. Bill Blass, Jones NY, DKNY -- it's all made in the same type of factory.
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You could probably also add Calvin Klien "CK", Lauren by Ralph Lauren, and Evan Picone to that list. These are the suits that most of the people on here (myself definately included) bought before they knew better. I'm not going to completely trash this group though. I wore an Evan Picone suit today that I really like. The fabric and construction is obviously not very good, but the cut of the suit is pretty nice. I get compliments on it all the time. However, if I had known more at the time, I could have definately got something better for the $300-400 I spent on it. I would assume (though I have little personal experience with Bill Blass) that Bill Blass would be similar to my Evan Picone. A suit that would be a good deal in a crunch or at a large discount, but not something you want to buy at retail.
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Bill Blass used to be made by PBM. Pincus Brothers-Maxwell. in Philadelphia. They used to sell tons of ultrasuede back in the day. PBM closed the factory in Phila. The name is now owned by Neema clothing. Not sure where it is noow produced. It was a great Department store-discount store label. A truely medicore garment. Carl
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