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Photo editing

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Does anyone know of free imaging software out there? I need to resize some pictures, as they're too large for Image Shack. Thanks. Trying to post them here, by the way.
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The best completely free imaging software is probably The Gimp. You can download it here. (NB. Install the runtime environment - "GTK+ 2 for Windows" - first, and then "The Gimp for Windows".
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The GIMP is overkill, especially for a regular user. There are tons of free sites that'll resize your is one. You can also resize with Paint on Windows XP.
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Thanks. I used Resize 2 Mail to post pics of my suit from Vaish. It seemed to work pretty well, though was a little slow.;st=100
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I recently downloaded Google's new picture editing software Picasa2.
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Microsoft has a free utility to do just this and it's available for download for free from them. With it, you just right-click a picture and chose resize. I think the official name is 'Image Resizer" and it is part of the Power Tools for Windows XP. If you are using an older version of Windows then you have to take some of the advice above. B
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