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Edward Green question

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A small part of me is close to ordering a pair of the EGs on sale -- I've been looking for a dark brown balmoral, and you can't do much better than an EG in dark oak antique. First, am I crazy for thinking that an EG at $500 is a wise purchase? Second, I wear a size 10E (UK) in Greens. Do you think the wingtip bal on the 888 last would be too elongating? I tried on the Vass U-last wingtip once and it made my foot look really, really long.
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IMO, I would not spend $500 plus costly shipping for a pair of shoes, whose size and fit, I was not certain of. The 888 does not work for me in terms of comfort, whereas the 606 is better. The 888 is an elegant last and not overly elongated like an Italian square toe shoe. I believe it is slightly less elongated then the C&J 337, but then again I don't have the shoes in front of me to say that with great confidence. The other point is that the shoes on sale are usually seconds. The defects are usually very minor and difficult to spot. Usually, the burnishing or finishing was not up to the EG standards. Having said that, if I am going to spend >$500 for a pair of shoes, I feel I should get exactly what I want in terms of fit, model, and last. And I should get the first rate pair, not a factory second.
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I would be willing to wait. Does the Polo Mansion put their EGs on as deep a sale as the Burlington Arcade EG store? And, having never been to the Polo mansion, is the selection in terms of colors good? Do they carry, for example, EGs in dark oak?
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The EG sale prices at the Mansion are around $499, but also include shoes trees. The sale selection is pretty poor, however, in terms of models, lasts, colors, and sizes. I have never seen anything there I really wanted. They tend to have a lot of the 89 last there, which does not fit me well. At those prices, I would rather spend a little more to get what I want. I would not rely on the Polo Mansion sale as a reliable source of discounted Greens.
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According to Tony Gaziano, EG does not have seconds. There are tight quality controls in every single stage of the production (not only just a final control). If the execution of a certain step falls below standard, then that shoe will be pulled, long before it reaches the final assembly, finish and quality control. That's the speel I was given.
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OK, maybe I am wrong. I will ask at the shop tomorrow if I make it over there. Then how do they determine what shoes to put on sale? That is, besides discontinued models.Some of the models on sale are the classics. thx.
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I'll leave it to the good people of the Forum: Should I buy a pair by mail order or no? The 89 last fits me well, and so does Grenson's chisel toe. I'm assuming the 888 would fit me well. I can get either the Inverness of the Lichfield in dark oak on the 888 last. I was planning on making a dark brown bal purchase in the near future anyways. It doesn't look like Bennies will be getting Grensons anytime soon. Is it worth it to take the EG plunge? I can afford it, but it is an expensive purchase of course.
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JN3 -- Do It.  Now.  You won't regret it.  You're going to be getting a huge bonus this year, plus, your firm will be paying out an "it's been a good year" bonus on top of your regular bonus.  That Lotto ticket you bought this morning will be a winner today too. The sale prices are sooooo much cheaper than the current going rate is anyway ($850).
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I have the Inverness in the 808 and it looks and fits great, I'd say do it. At the very least you can flip it on ebay at cost if they don't work out.
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what does the Iverness look like?
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what does the Iverness look like?
Inverness picture: http://www.edjones1192.com/member/ej_club.html#eg
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what does the Iverness look like?
They call it a "Blind Brogue" in the trade. Toecap and heal counter are not separate pieces of leather but are just a row of brouging (holes) framed by a double row of stitching. Blind brogues can be wholecuts, but in this model the seam between vamp and quarters is structural.
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Can some give me a rough estimate in usd as to the sale prices of EG --any type oxfords... saks in nyc had a pair of Berkely's 9dont know the last) on sale for $636-yesterday from 808 (where do the get these numbers). the only EGs on sale. I bought them on whim.....did i over pay?
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The London shop charges 251 GBP.  With the pound at about $1.80, that will be less than $500.  But shipping is another 30 GBP, I think.  Still a bit less overall.  Oh, and that does not count duties, which you are supposed to pay yourself.
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Well, I pulled the trigger on my first pair of Green's--the Chelsea in dark oak on the 82 last. I figure one pair a year on sale won't kill me . . . Join me in the madness, Johnny . . .
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