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I'd be down for a meetup.
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Would be interested if you don't mind a younger gentleman there! ;) 

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...But count me out for the Carmina discount - just bought two beauts that are in the mail :)

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I'd be in.
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Thanks guys for joining. I am thinking either:


Friday 21 June 2013 at 18:30 afterwork drinks


Saturday 22 June 2013 16:00 afternoon drinks. 


Morroco in Yorkville comes to mind, they got tea, coffee and alcohol. 

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I'll vote Friday as I'm already downtown.

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WOW, I literally spoke with a shop owner this morning to suggest having a meetup in his space! A Toronto meetup is a good idea and we're long overdue to do another one.

I'm going to be out of the country (quite random for me so timing no good for me), so won't be there... Funny timing though, I've been threatening to do another one of these for years and finally just quit my job last week so have time to organize it but am travelling for two weeks now...

I already had one of these meetups in the works for mid to late July, though I could do maybe more of a SW&D focus but was planning to do a MC one too around a similar time. AF thanks for taking the initiative and best of luck, unless you want to postpone this one and just wait until July in which case I'll bring in considerable resources to organize...?
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I will be in the Dot this coming Saturday...........would love to leave with couple pairs of Carminas at a discount!!!
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Friday sounds great to me, looking forward to it.

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Friday works for me.
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Saturday works well for me, and Friday is a possibility.
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Uh.. so has anyone actually asked Leatherfoot yet about this discount? ;)

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I pm'd him last night; waiting to hear back.

And what's his name? I'm assuming it's not Leatherfoot (or is it???)
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I like the idea of a mini-flashmob at Leatherfoot.
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