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Saint Crispin's Trunk Show at LeatherFoot

October 10, 11, 12


This month we will be combining our monthly SF meetup

with the Saint Crispin's Trunk Show.


Please join us and Phillip Car in further exploring

this amazing shoemaker.



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Wow sorry I missed out on this. Great to see some Toronto rep! I'll be tracking this space, hope I can make it to a meet up soon.
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Ambrosi, the world renowned bespoke trouser maker,

is coming to LeatherFoot on December 10-11, 2013.

Please email 

to inquire about special event pricing,

and to reserve your pair. 


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LeatherFoot, passed by your store a few weeks ago after cocktails nearby, but it was after closing. Did a few moments of window shopping. Very nice spread and gorgeous shoes. I hope to return for a visit soon. Toronto needs your store. smile.gif
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Stopped by yesterday to pick up some polish. Fantastic shop with some great knowledgable service. Very excited to take a closer look at the collection!
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J. Fitzpatrick Trunk Show Reminder

J Fitzpatrick Trunk Show Reminder

LeatherFoot welcomes Justin Fitzpatrick, sometimes better known as The Shoe Snob, to Toronto. Mr. Fitzpatrick will be at LeatherFoot Toronto, this Friday and Saturday November 15-16 with show models and fitting pairs in preparation for his international launch of J. Fitzpatrick shoes at LeatherFoot. LeatherFoot will be one of the first stockists in the world to represent this brand. Be there to reserve your order as production will be very limited and exclusive. We will also be having seminars on how to polish and care for your shoes the way that The Shoe Snob has made famous with his blog and videos. For more information and to RSVP:

J Fitzpatrick Shoes J Fitzpatrick Shoes
J Fitzpatrick Shoes
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I'll be there. :)

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A question for my fellow Torontonians

What are your thoughts on dress boots for the winter? I'm looking at a pair of leather Carmina boots with a suede shaft. As fantastic as they look I have a feeling they'd be toast pretty fast.

Any thoughts? Would it be better just got get some lace-ups and slug to work in my boots? (which aren't too monstrous)
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I wouldn't give the suede shafts a second thought - you're not going to be often slugging through snow deep enough to trouble them. And a couple of coats of nanoprotector will render them waterproof anyway. I'll be fearlessly rocking my all-suede Carmina's all winter.

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Wow that's great. Thanks for the input I'll probably take the plunge
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^^^ Go for it - it's nice to be able to wear a dress boot that looks great with a suit and not have to worry about swapping out footwear at the office. The boots I posted are extremely comfortable, and if I could find them in a black calf / suede combo I'd buy a second pair in a heartbeat.
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xpost from David Reeves Bespoke Official Affiliate Thread:



I will be staying at the Sheraton hotel from Monday the 13th- Tuesday the 14th. If anyone would like to set up an appointment let me know ASAP as obviously my time in the city will be limited. I will be coming back for at least one fitting and there is also the option of shipping garments or doing fittings in NYC.




I don't own anything by David, nor have any affiliation, but have drooled over the pictures he posts.



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Any plans for a meetup? I see Leatherfoot's affiliate thread is gone so don't know how active they are on SF any longer.

I'd be interested in a spring get together.
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Hey yeah, I'm looking to organize something. I'd like to do it with Leatherfoot and have contacted them a few times but seems like mixed level of interest so will probably find somewhere else unless they get back to me pretty soon.

Otherwise really, we can just do an evening meetup at a Yorkville bar sometime. I've got a few hundred guys on my list of local Toronto SF peeps so should be able to rouse up a little crowd. I'm aiming for first week of May or late April.

If anyone's interested, PM me and let's chat and hammer out some details.
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Keep me posted!

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