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Vestimenta quality

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Can anyone comment on Vestimenta suit quality? Q1. Does Vestimenta make fully canvased suits or 1/4? Q2. Does Vestimenta have soft paddings? Q3. Does Vestimenta make different quality suits depending on models etc? Thanks
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(1) Both (2) Sometimes, but not always (3) Yes, and it's impossible to tell without personally examining the suit.
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Doesn't Vestimenta make Armani Collezioni suits?
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I think so. I also heard they do the Black Label. I've seen horribly stiff, fused Vestimentas. But I've also see light, fully canvassed ones. It's a real hit or miss factory.
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I have both a Vestimenta suit (Fatte e Mano) and a casual sport coat (Vestimenta Sport). The sport coat is totally unlined, so no canvas or padding. The suit is fully-cavassed and is cut very much like an Armani. I got it in a wool crepe so it's got that soft look/feel. 3-button, double vent, flat front trou. It seems fairly well constructed. Unfortunately, it's too big for me. It was the last suit I bought before I figured out how a suit should really fit. (thanks in part to the forum.)
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Doesn't Vestimenta make Armani Collezioni suits?
I might be wrong but I think Vestimenta only makes the black label stuff. The Collezioni line is outsourced to independent factories.
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Zegna makes Armani Collezioni suits.  Vestimenta makes Giorgio Armani.
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Hmmm, so I was close. Zegna should explain to me why Armani Collezioni shirts are so much better than Zegna shirts.
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