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Can someone PM me Howard's e-mail address? I think I had it before, but now it's gone.
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Originally Posted by gregl6981
Let me clarify: I'm not a lawyer, just an analyst. I'm just out of college, paying sky-high rent, so 2K seems like a pretty good budget for me.

I am not in your situation, and have not been there exactly. furthermore, I'm quite a bit older so that I may not understand how firms now treat employees. However, the firm thought highly of you , or they would not have extended the invitation for employment.

I would recommend that you approach the situation in this way.

Go see the person who hired you - human resources. Tell them you have no money and a bag of debts that would choke a mule. Also tell them you want to dress in a manner that would represent the firm as you should, without being ostentatious. Describe your ONE suit that was enough for your previous situation - STUDENT. They should get the picture.

Now here is where you can really demonstrate your abilities for yoursilef and - later - for the firm - as an analyst and negotiator. Be subtle.

Since you are lucky enough to be in NYC - no better stage of Dante's Hell - you can find LS Clothing that will make you suits for about $700. You need $3,000 worth. Tell them that. Tell them youhave no money. Ask them to pay half. You will pay for them up front - get credit at the rate of $500 a month added to your EXPENSE reimbursement. No hickey for anyone. Demonstate your ability to be flexible - you just want them to pay!!!

BTW, I would think a bit about your choices. No disaster - just that you may be able to do better.
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Charley, it fooled me too, jose bumped a thread from a year ago here, greg-the-analyst hasnt posted since July last year. good advice for someone else though.
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