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Save energy...

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From The Economist:
A dark suit, white shirt and unadventurous necktie have been de rigueur for generations of Japanese salary men and government employees. But this summer the government is asking them to ditch their suits in a bid to conserve energy. The campaign to use less air-conditioning is part of a plan by Junichiro Koizumi, Japan's prime minister, to cut electricity usage and reduce emissions of harmful greenhouse gases. By government decree, thermostats in public buildings are to be set no lower than 28º C from June 1st until September. To encourage hierarchy-conscious businessmen and government workers to adopt the casual look, Mr Koizumi promised that he and his cabinet members will shed suits and ties this summer for all but the most official functions. A newspaper advertisement of the policy has him pictured in a short-sleeved shirt. The environment ministry has plans for a fashion show called "Cool Biz Collection""”featuring Hiroshi Okuda, chairman of Toyota Motor"”to show salary men how to cope with the change.
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I can sense neverous break down from Italian & English suit makers.
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