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APC Anglaise

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Guess which city is the only one in Texas to carry APC? No, not Dallas or Houston but little ol' Austin. But that's cause Austin is just too hip for the southwest. Anyway, I stopped into Factory People during lunch (shopping instead of eating is the ultimate diet) and saw the APC Anglaise model in person. I was really appalled to see that it was very boring with no contrast stitching whatsoever. This was the only APC model that the store carried but the sales girl claimed that the lack of contrast-colored stitching is a feature common to all APCs. I checked For some bizarre reason the Anglaise model is the only one that lacks a zoom feature so it's impossible to see the color of the stitching, however all the other models clearly show yellow contrast stitching. Of couse it wouldn't be the first time for sales staff to have been wrong, but can you APC experts weigh in on this? The Anglaise model is probably not my taste, but I did like the weight and feel of the APC denim. I have my eye on the women's jean on the APC website. I like the slimmer leg and the rise doesn't look too low. $120 is a pretty damn good price. The only pair that I tried on that really impressed me was the Earnest Sewn Hutch. I really like the dark, subtle wash and the color was more grey and less blue. The orange contrast stitching is the best I've seen. Should I try to buy these online? They seem to be significantly more expensive than APC. I'm going to go to another boutique that carries Paper today. After that, I'll most likely make my first premium denim purchase. I only started wearing denim a few months ago when I decided to start out with some cheap Gap women's jeans. I have since grown very fond of jeans; I can't believe I didn't realize how versatile they are until just recently. This forum has been absolutely invaluable for a denim newbie like myself and I aspire to one day be an expert on the subject as well.
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i'm wearing my new standards right now and it has the orange contrast stitching. albeit it isnt a very high contrast as a lot of the stitching is done very lightly/thin so it isnt anywhere near as pronounced as most other brands are....but i also prefer a highly visible contrast stitching a la Nudies
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I am not an expert nor that fond of APC products. But If you are talking about their dry denim, I am 100% sure that Anglaise has contrast stitching. Bought one myself before its price hike.
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the one you saw at the store is the 'Light washed denim' version of the Anglaise. you should go for the unwashed (Which has contrast-stitching)
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This is from supertalk:
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Sigh. I really want a pair.
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Success. I bought a pair of PDC GTOs. The only other brand that can match PDC in terms of the softness of the denim is Earnest Sewn. I went with the GTOs because I liked the slight boot cut, zip fly, and the dark uniform wash. I'll post pictures in the denim porn thread when I get home. I still might buy a pair of APCs because of the price.
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