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too much shine?

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i have tried many products that are supposed to stop the shine on your face. None of them work. I have tried Kiehls, lab series for men, blotting tissues, tea tree products and they all do nothing. Would the next step be Makeup?
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Maybe plain old cold water twice a day on the face will work. Add some light moisturizers as well. Using toner or washing your face often with warm/hot water will only make your face secrets more oil and becomes more shiny.
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Boot black . Seriously, how about a light dusting of baby powder? Not enough to look like a Kabuki but just enough to eliminate shine.
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you likely have oily skin and may simply be using the wrong product for your face you may want to try an anti-shine moisturizer: baxter of california oil free korres borrage anti-shine moisturizer spf6 menscience advance face lotion (oil free) you may also find that using an astringent will assist in stopping oil production (kiehl's herbal blue astringent or baxter's herbal mint toner/astringent) but don't overuse it as it will dry out your face and cause your oil glands to go into overdrive and produce more oil if astringent is too harsh for you, a simple toner can also suffice hopefully that helps some i should add that masking once a week will deeply cleanse your pores as well and in the long run help cut down on oily skin to a small degree
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Everyone look to the left. Satan.
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