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New G.I. Joe Trailer

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New G.I. Joe Trailer

Excited or flaccid?
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That's like Power Rangers awesome.
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That was a good movie. Don't trip.
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Marlon Waynes? What is this, In Living Color?
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Originally Posted by Cas Ruffin View Post
That was a good movie. Don't trip.


That preview looked awful. Why the hell do they need robot suits?!
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in all fairness, those accelerator suits are based off actual "future miltary" hardware: joe mythology has generally veered towards the cutting edge of fighting technology with a bit of mysticism and plenty of good old american gusto, so the movie seems to be bringing a balance between the cheesiness of the original cartoon and the more serious tone of the comic.
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I wouldn't mind watching this. Might be blasphemy around here but despite watching G.I. Joe cartoons when I was a kid and playing with the action figures, I don't really remember it all that well and won't mind it being a mindless action flick (which is what I fully expect it to be). Hopefully they don't dumb it down and try the pathetic attempt at humor that was Transformers. Without Megan Fox to ogle, that would have been a total loss. Of course, they were trying to sell toys and games to the kiddies but I really didn't appreciate how silly they made it.
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it will be a good popcorn muncher. I hope they don't duck up snake-eyes character to much.
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I loved The Mummy, but I feel like this would be better if it was a little more in the Predator vein of action films than Transformer. Still, looks fairly promising for what it is.
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This looks like it will be complete crap. I don't remember the Joes using any type of "power suit" in any of the cartoon variations.

The fight between Storm Shadow and Snakes Eyes however could be a saving grace if done correctly.
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I'm watching it just for Marlon Wayans.
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I was hoping this would be good and it could still be but if only you guys have seen how Cobra Commander looked.
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So is this the reason they removed the delightful GI Joe remixes from Youtube? Bastards
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