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I've got a black 8-hole pair of Hawkins boots.  They look identical to Dr Martens.  DMs were always the preferred choice though - and this is from someone who once lived in the ancestral home of both makes - Northampton.  I do remember once having a brown 6-hole pair which were Hawkins uppers with DM soles.

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Bizarre that this thread attracts people to the boards who seem to post exclusively in this thread.
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You might get additional responses if you post in this other thread.
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Originally Posted by IronRock View Post

This is a photo from London 1969 when they were anti-establishment but in a totally different way to the Hippies whom they despised. They evolved into some pretty hateful racists by the 80s and are still around in some parts of the Uk.
Type of people who'd say 'if there was a war I'd be the first fucker on the front line' but would actually more likely to be found beating some helpless Indian shop owner round the corner at home as their war ‘effort’. Basically they are cowardly ignoramuses – but I really shouldn’t generalise like that….

I appeciate this is an old post. But what an illinformed idiot you are.

Yes of course there are racists Skinheads around. But the large majority are not racist and indeed have no interest in politicas at all.
I also know some long serving forces personel who have served in war zones. And are proud of being Skinheads as well as being ex Navy and Army.
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I found this forum and thread while searching for info about hawkins boots because the quality is superb I like the style 2 hole desert boots anyone know of any mod links with these boots ?

thanks for the informative piece on the skinheads what a forum about style is ALL about, they obviously liked the dm type boots made by this company as the style was a must for every skinhead . These babies are my latest purchase and the cause of my joy in finding them...



anyone know when these



402151_10151350524000492_906565491_23439679_1397090159_n hawkins.jpg


where made ?


they are like mint and my new fav boots pleased as punch and they fit like they where made for me proper size 8 .


 its a crying shame the tradesmen and women who made these are no longer producing at the factory which i saw on a previous post is standing derelict   ..... a sad sign of the times that the workmanship, attention to detail and pride is all going when these companies close. to us style lovers we lose the access to the finished product to the employees they lose their livelihood. England made quality clothing that was the envy of the world. Why has it come to this where profit triumphs over quality. 


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I bought a pair of Hawkins shoes with a licensed D M sole back in 1983 from a shop in Central Arcade in Newcastle they cost £32.50 (A fairly expensive pair of shoes for the time) My father said "A waste of money" i can happily report that the shoes are still going strong and have been re-soled twice

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Another pair came-up on ebay...

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"Bizarre that this thread attracts people to the boards who seem to post exclusively in this thread."


Suppose because 25% of UK manufacturing closed 1979-1983 and the same ecomomic policy stayed in place till 2009.
Oh and the tariff around democratic welfare states in Europe ended in 2005. And regional development money was spent on promoting something called "ethical fashion" from places like Zimbabwe rather than places like London. At this rate it might become illegal to make things soon, but the trend is moving back a bit now with people showing interest in UK manufacturing on . I think sales of UK-made products might be up a bit too.

People have realised that, although *anking is great, it can't provide all of us with a living, and that's why the interest in recent history of making things and specially symbolic things like clothes. There's a site like this somehwere for people who clamber into old factories just to take pictures before they are demolished. There are some great pictures of the Gannex raincoat factory from inside and out.


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I have a pair of Hawkins shoes (made in England and looks exactly like Doc Martens). I used them for a few months in high school as I wore a uniform.

That was about 20 years ago. I still have them. Shoe has kept its shape and no need to resole. These shoes were built to last.
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Solovair still commissions the Hawkins Astronaut boots through the NPS factory in England, unfortunately the quality seems to have dropped significantly - I just received a pair today and they're already on their way back to Solovair Direct, lots of loose stitching, unevenly cut and stitched leather and weird white marks on one of the boots. The style is timeless, much better than Docs in my opinion, no contrast stitching or bulbous toe box, but the pair I received looked like something you would buy at Walmart. :cry:

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