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my first TM Lewin shirt. White, herringbone, superior 140s, french cuff. Very nice. At their sale price, it is a great buy. Almost as nice - two Savile Row shirts. One Royal Twill and one Royal Herringbone. Both white. On sale and less than the Lewin. Still very nice. Another great buy.
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If you like "Savile Row" brand shirts, and know what size fits you, you can buy mountains of them -- brand new -- on EBay for under $10 each. For example:
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I'm not sure they're the same brand. Savile Row is sold in the various Macy's (Macies?)stores in the USA. I have 4 or 5 of them, and don't recommend them, and they're typically made of 60/40 cotton-poly or thereabouts. The Savile Row Company appears to be an UK brand, with shirts made in Northern Ireland. I don't think there is a relationship there, but if there is, I'll sure like to know.
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