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I guess I had one of the few poor experiences with Wilfred.


This was a few years ago. Took a cashmere PL coat to have the shortened, button holes cut and a small roll behind the collar removed. The sleeves were fine - machine sewn holes - but one shoulder came back with a large bubble over one side. They redid it and the shoulders were wavy on both sides. They said that was my shoulders so I brought in another jacket of the same material and cut and the shoulders were perfect. They redid it and the shoulder line was still wavy. Wilfred said he couldn't do it again as the material was too delicate. No refund, though he did give me the bullshit line "wear it for a while and it will settle." Wasn't expecting them to cover the cost of the coat, but a refund of the $160 alteration didn't seem unreasonable. 


So this beautiful cashmere coat sits in my closet waiting for the day that my shoulders get lumpy.



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They shortened the sleeves from the sleevehead?

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Originally Posted by TheTukker View Post

How are Wilfred's buttonholes (thinking of adding some to an overcoat)?

They're fine.  Machine-sewn.   I never asked for handsewn buttonholes - too expensive and not worth the cost to me.

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Originally Posted by gdl203 View Post

They shortened the sleeves from the sleevehead?

Yes, from the shoulder.
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Originally Posted by PhiloVance View Post

Yes, from the shoulder.

I was asking lefty - trying to understand how shoulders can be messed up if the jacket needs to be shortened and buttonholes to be cut.  If there are no buttonholes yet, it would be very odd to shorten a sleeve from the sleevehead.

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Gotcha - and yes, you're right. It does sound odd!
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Originally Posted by PhiloVance View Post

I haven't had buttonholes done in a while. I don't have that keen of an eye, to be honest, so they seemed fine to me but not sure what I would be looking for to determine that it was not well done.

Lately, it seems that I've been taking a lot of jackets there that already have working buttonholes - so the sleeve needed to be shortened from the shoulder. I think the last jacket I took there was a dark brown silk/cashmere Drake's piece - I thought they did a great job with it.

Many thanks Gents - may give him a try.
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The fucked up shoulder came from removing the roll behind the neck. As I understand it: remove collar, open up shoulder seams, cut excess amount, close shoulder, attach collar. 


I should have left it alone and just leaned forward whenever I wore it. Then I could be like that guy in the old joke.



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I use Ignacio's tailor.  Although I don't live in the city anymore, I still try to go there whenever I can.  Sometimes I will hold onto stuff and just wait until I am in the city again, just because I like their work so much.  I've used them for several pieces (suits and blazers) but nothing that required major, major surgery.  Pretty much the only tailor I've used where I haven't had to talk them through everything.  Also the only tailor I've found that didn't think I was going to be using my suit to stack boxes above my head or that I needed enough room in my suit in case I needed to surrender to police officers or something. 

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Anyone know any good tailors and ALSO, a dry cleaner that can do suits?


Haven't found any suit specialists in Astoria yet.  Kinda a drag going all the way to Manhattan just to press a suit now and then (and I"m really too lazy to learn (;  )

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Originally Posted by aspasp View Post

anyone have a good tailor for a peacoat, want to get my billy reid bond peacoat altered

I recently had a peacoat altered at Noble Cleaners in Cobble Hill, BK. The name doesn't scream tailoring but the work is first rate. Re: the peacoat, I had the sleeves lengthened on a 1950s-era peacoat I found at 10 Ft Single. Everything was spot on, especially given the age of the fabric.


I've also had them do a number of pant/jacket alterations ... as well as dramatically tailor a vintage  winter-weight glen plaid suit I found at Olafs in Carroll Gardens (shortening the jacket, tapering and shortening the pants, etc). I've never been anything but happy with their work.

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Thanks for some of the recommendations. I've been offline since this last post. I wound up sticking with Ignacio mainly for the reason that I've established a relationship with them and if necessary, I could break their balls if I didn't like the job. I took this Cucinelli jacket to them and as expected, they messed up round 1, but fixed it perfectly on round 2. I've quickly learned having read a lot about tailors on the net, this is pretty much becoming par for the course with most tailors.

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I'll be i n NYC next month, where should I for alterations on a leather jacket?  Sleeves are too short and need to be lengthened, but I' wondering if it's possible since there is a zip...

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Anyone have a ballpark estimate on what the following alterations would run me with Wilfred?


Jacket let out at center back

Jacket sleeves lengthened

Remove small under-collar roll

Pant legs let out (at both side seams, to the degree possible)


I'll contact them as well of course, but I'm on something of a short timeline, so wanted to reach out here as well. 


Any other recommendations welcome for another competent tailor in Manhattan or Bronx who could do the work in 7 or 8 business days. I hate having to be in a rush, but sometimes it just works out that way...


Thanks in advance.

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How much does Wilfred charge to hem a pair of trousers?
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