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Looking to have a gitman vintage shirt hemmed that is a bit long. Its a Very casual print so most likely wont be tucking it in at any point.


There is a tailor I go to on Orchard street for pant hems but have never taken anything there that was any more complicated of a alteration.


I would like to take it to a place that would give me professional  feedback on how much to hem without it throwing the button stance off. What does this type of alteration typically cost by someone like Pierre that I have read about on the past few pages? Or is this a very basic alteration I can take to a local shop without concern?



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Can anyone help me out with a recommendation for a NYC tailor for the following?

I have a Band of Outsiders shirt that fits me pretty well. I would like to find a tailor that has a nice selection of fabrics that I can take this shirt to to have them create a new shirt based on this shirt but with a few modifications (an inch here, an inch there, etc. Anyone had something like this done in the NYC area with good results? Ideally I'd find a place that can get the shirt perfect and then just go in from time to time and pick out another fabric for them to make the shirt out of.
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Originally Posted by Jaygatsby28 View Post

I think I am going to try Alexis on 77th Street per the recommendations of this thread.


Digging up a 2-year old post here, but wanted to wanted to provide a more recent opinion for those who use the search function (I'm sure there are some) as I did and find a lot of past recommendations for Alexis.  Based on my experience I would not recommend them.  A couple of examples as to why:


- I had three pairs of trousers for slimming and hemming. All three came back various versions of wrong, and when I came back to have them corrected they wanted to charge me again

- When shortening the sleeves of a jacket with working holes they did so from the cuff rather than from the shoulder, resulting in a rather unattractive finish. I had requested from the shoulder and they seemed unenthusiastic about how much work it was. When I complained after it was (irreparably) altered they said they did it to save me money

- In spite of this they're still on the expensive side of NYC alterations tailors

- Add in the random hours they keep (shop is frequently closed an hour or more early) and it would be hard for me to justify ever going there again

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do these tailors like cardelino and pierre generally lean towards a more conservative fit? looking to get some shirts altered but want it to be slim but also good for work

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Any uptown denizens been to Martin Custom Tailor? In my neighborhood and thinking of trying out, but wanted to throw out a line here first. 

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Edit: Will report back once issues are addressed (or not).
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