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New Chan Suit & Shirt

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After much waiting, my new suit and shirt have arrived from W.W. Chan. The suit is made from the Charles Clayton Masterpiece 150s that Chan had on special during the March visit. It's a charcoal grey with a sky blue pinstripe, single breasted, peal-lapel. Unfortunately, I don't know the shirt fabric. Patrick offered me a free shirt in March as a result of a previous suit order that resulted in sleeves egregiously too long (it has since been rectified to my absolute satisfaction). I perused several fabric books until I found a pink that I particularly liked and then promptly paid no attention to the source of the fabric. Here are some photos of both the shirt and the suit:
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That's the first Chan suit I've seen (mine included) that shows a good amount of shirt cuff. I think the rest of the suit looks good, too. A minor thing, but the front quarters are a little too closed for my tastes. That seems to be a common thing with suits from their latest US trip. dan
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Very nice looking suit. The overall effect is sleek and elegant.
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What a delight it must have been to open up the box and pull that out. It fits in all the right places--very nice the way the jacket collar hugs the back of the neck. Fits well through the waist and along the hips.
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What a delight it must have been to open up the box and pull that out. It fits in all the right places--very nice the way the jacket collar hugs the back of the neck. Fits well through the waist and along the hips.
Isn't the smile on his face in the last pic telling? It does look very nice, though. Any comments on fit and styling I will leave to those who are far more qualified than I to make them. But it does look gorgeous to me.
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From one Chan fan to another: Lookin' good.
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Agreed. Congrats.
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Very sharp. In particular, I like the peaked lapels. I think it really differentiates the look. Great fit too. Nicely done.
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Rather high stance for a two-button, a good compromise between an even higher stance three-button and a low-stance 2B that would show too much shirt. It looks very good on you. Tie clips are a little out of fashion. Perhaps you can wear it lower so that only about half of it peeps of your suit. It's a matter of taste, though, and I certainly don't mean to be dogmatic.
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Thanks, gents, for the many kind words. Kudos, of course, go to the good Mr. Patrick Chu for his fine work. This is the second suit (and first shirt) he's done for me and I am mightily impressed by his skills. Kent, I know the tie clip is relentlessly out of fashion (I must admit I have something of a soft spot for them) and I appreciate your thoughts about lowering it a bit. I do like how a clip helps the tie arch just so from the shirt front; it's a look that otherwise is impossible to achieve. I hope our other Chaniacs, JLib and retro, will post pictures of their suits once their packages arrive.
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Vintage- Just curious- how did your first Chan suit turn out w? What cut , fabric, style was your first? What led to your choice of peaked lapels? (BTW I assume this most recent suit is double vented. Yes?) Thanks again for sharing.
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Kent - Tie clips have recently come back into fashion; at least that's what I've heard. Not that fashion should be a guideline for such a thing, especially if you just plain like tie clips. I think the clip (and the rest of the suit) looks very nice.
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I think the suit looks great. I especally like the peaked lapels on a 2 button suit.  I think the stance is a good height. I also think the second button does overlap a bit much but nothing to fuss over. the tie clip adds a nice touch
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I got the 150s that were on sale too and it feels just wonderful. Is it a good manufactorer? This fabric spoiled me so much that I think that I can't go back to a lesser fabric. I can't help but caress the fine trouser fabric - I just hope no one's looking.  
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You should be smiling. Nice suit. I think the tie clip along with the peaked lapels shows you are a man with personal style. One thing you could try with the tie clip is moving it down maybe an inch or two and angling it downward say 30 degrees. I've seen this in photos of old Hollywood types like Fred Astaire and think it helps project an attitude of relaxed nonchalance.
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