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(Get Smart @ June 20 2005,15:59)
Originally Posted by j,June 20 2005,12:58
Dita von Teese. .
damn brother, +1000 on that
What?  You guys need to move to Williamsburg or some areas in Montreal, where every second attractive woman looks like her.  Maybe it's the lure of the unfamiliar or something, because she definitely looks and acts differently than the typical NW or So Cal. girl.  Personally, I tan easily, and have burned about three times in my life, but I do like girls with light, nearly translucent skin - Irish girls are like that sometimes.  Dated one.  Stunning - green eyes, raven black hair (natural), and pale, pale skin.
If you like the dark hair, light eyes light skin look, keep an eye out for Eve Green. She was in (and gets very, very naked in) The Dreamers. Stunning. She is in a new movie that I think will be released this summer.
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How often have you seen someone really pale and though, "Wow.  They look GREAT.."?
Oh, I don't know......Nicole Kidman ?
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...How often have you seen someone really pale and though, "Wow. They look GREAT.."?
Women like that are almost a fetish of mine. Besides the aforementioned Dita, there's Sherilyn Fenn. When her Playboy issue came out many years ago, I went out and bought two copies: one for show and one for blow. Or something like that. Then there's Uma Thurman. She's pale, isn't she? I've been lusting after, eh, tracking her since Dangerous Liaisons. Come to think of it, every girlfriend I've had has had really pale skin. Needless to say, I never offer to take them to the beach.
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Alright. Fair enough (no pun intended). Name a man who looks better pale.
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Alright.  Fair enough (no pun intended).  Name a man who looks better pale.
For starters: Dracula Marilyn Manson (same as above?) Irish and Scottish dudes who go straight from pale to burnt. Probably Jude Law, Tobey Macguire, Orlando Bloom Johnny Depp
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Michael Douglas or Edward Norton? Actors who typically play non-action roles.
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Hedi Slimane.
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I'm rather fond of Marlene Dietrich. When she was in her 70's she looked 50. But then when she was 50 she looked like she did always.
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Incidentally military officers of a higher standing in the 19th century in continental Europe used to powder their faces. Face powders were more popular for men than women at that time.
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