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Turnbull & Asser and Udeshi now available online

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At Best of British Shirts, we are very pleased to announce the addition of two new thoroughbreds to our stable: Turnbull & Asser and Udeshi London. We have a preliminary offering of products from each with prices as follows: - T&A shirts for $139 - $159 and ties for $89 - $109 - Udeshi shirts for $139 and ties for $89 We deliver by international courier to the United States and many other countries for a fixed fee of $30 (regardless of order size). Visit to browse and order. Please email me if you require more information. Best regards Alister Fitzgerald Best of British Shirts *All prices above are for our customers outside Australia and quoted in USD. These prices do not include any import / sales taxes at the destination country, which are the responsibility of the buyer.
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Great site, do you offer alterations?
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I am not familiar with UDESHI shirts. Can you comment on the fit and comparet the quality to that of H&K and T&A. I am very familiar with H&K and T&A. Thanks.
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Nice site -- a nice addition to our shirt-buying options. Another question -- is the $30 shipping for each shirt, or will that be the shipping charge per box (i.e., if I buy 3 shirts, shipping will still be $30).
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Very interested in those UDESHI shirts... but it seems that a 15.5 neck has a rather short sleeve length (34.5). Is there any reason for this, and is it possible to obtain different sleeve lengths?
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Gentlemen Thank you for the comments.  In response: - Whnay:  we don't offer alterations through our site, but I would be happy to accommodate any request you might have for a nominal charge (we pass on the cost price of alterations, not a loaded sum).  Email me if you are interested. - bry2000:  I am in the process of writing a detailed spiel to be put onto the site describing the fit and characteristics of UDESHI Shirts.  I'll post the link on this thread when completed (hopefully within the next week or so).  What I can tell you now is that from a quality point of view, the UDESHI shirts are fantastic and are certainly the equal of H&K and T&A.  From a fit point of view, UDESHI shirts are slightly narrower through the body without being too slim.  Let's just say I am an average build 6' tall guy who spends too much time at a desk and needs to go to the gym more, but they fit me very nicely now and even a few pounds into the future. - kabert:  the $30 shipping fee is regardless of order size (I have amended my initial post to make this clear). - dorian:  the 15.5" shirts from our 7 suppliers range in sleeve length from 34" to 35".  So, from this sample, all I can say is that the UDESHI shirts are average (although only in that regard.).  Different sleeve lengths are available direct from Oscar Udeshi (see for contact details) through his MTM and bespoke services, but not in the RTW lines.  In time we hope that Best of British Shirts will be able to offer variable sleeve lengths from all of our suppliers, but that is not something we are in a position to do immediately. I hope this answers all of your queries.  Don't hesitate to ask me any further questions and thank you again for your intererst. Best regards Alister Fitzgerald
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I don't dispute that the HK shirts Alister sells are British made as the tags are slightly different. However, they e-mailed me today to say that depending on the shirt, some casual shirts are made in Italy, some women's shirts in Ireland, and some gent's shirts in Portugal. It was unclear if the rest are made in Glenrothes, Scotland, UK still. I suspect that if the retailer so specifies -- as Ben Silver and Alister appear to do -- they will have the shirts made in the UK. The best RTW shirt in Britain. Sigh.
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