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I ended up ordering a belt from these guys: The buckle is nowhere near as cool as the EG, but the strap I MTM'd should actually look a little cooler. I'll post pictures when it arives, probably mid- next week.
That looks like a great source. I'll be interested to see how yours turns out. What buckle style did you get?
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#5. In brass.
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So it's $30 flat? Or does the pricing vary based on the options you get? Please do tell us about the quality of the leather once you get it in.
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Pricing is based on the options you pick. I'll be posting pictures for sure. Apparently it was shipped today.
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Okay, here's the belt: Close up of tooled detail: Belt, two week old APC Rescues, Threadless tee: Generally I'm pretty impressed with the belt. The leather appears to be good quality, and the finish has nice character that you don't normally find on off-the-rack stuff. The tooling is pretty cool. I selected a belt with a completely unfinished reverse. This is fine, but in the future I would probably go for a sealed but unfinished option. The buckle is brass but was a little too polished and gold-looking for me originally, so I took a piece of sandpaper to it to give it some texture and make it a little less yellow. Montecristo
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Thanks for the pics. Though not my taste, the detailing does look well-crafted and not overstated. I've been looking at buying a few buckleless belts. Can you provide some more detail about the quality of the leather? How do you think it would compare against bridle leather?
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The leather definitely isn't bridle leather. It isn't as soft and supple. But then again, what do you really want soft and supple leather for in a belt that you're wearing with jeans? The entire point is to look a little rugged. That's one of the reasons I added the tooling -- it just gives the belt a little more texture but isn't really obvious unless you look closely since the belt is dark brown. The harness leather that the belt is made of is well suited to wearing the belt with jeans. I think it will take on a lot of character as it gets older. After just a couple wears, it is already starting to look cool and broken in. That being said, I think you can get a bridle leather belt from that site if you special order it. I think maybe 1.5" is the max width you can order, however. I am thinking of having them do a bridle leather dress belt for me. The belt I received has screws that hold in the buckle. The buckle itself is easily removed and replaced if you unscrew the screws (much better than snaps IMHO). They also sell buckle-less belts. If you want something really wild, check out their ranger belts. A little too much for me and my conservative style, but I can see some people on this forum successfully rocking the ranger belt look. Good luck. M#4
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i've been in the market for a good belt- so i've been looking around. japan has: red moon ( leather is amazing, so is the price. but worth it. visvim they make a few belts- one is flaky snakeskin belt with a silver buckle. i really want it, but it runs $350. sugar cane some pretty nice belts and samurai makes a few belts too. still looking though...
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i like the sound of the snakeskin visvim, but obviously not at that price!

any pics?
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