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Altering pleated to flat front pants

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I realize this has been discussed before, but I'm wondering how simple it would be to alter a pleated pant to a flat front one. I recently had a tailor tell me it was possible, but I can't imagine it would be easy. The only easy way I can think of is if the pants are single pleated and the tailor just took the pleat and folded it into itself to make a dart. Thoughts?
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We offer this service at work, we charge 55 or 65 depending where the trousers are purchased. it basically involves removing the waistband, and recutting the trouser through the wiast and seat. It is time intensive, and I would only leave such work to a well skilled tailor.
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Anyone can suggest someone in NYC to handle this?
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messes with the pocket placement, right?
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Anyone can suggest someone in NYC to handle this?
I had recently a few (less complicated) pants altrations with Wilfred's Tailor (18 w. 23rd Street, at Fifth Avenue, 4th floor). Seemed like pretty capable tailors ( at least for alterations). B
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messes with the pocket placement, right?
It shouldnt, because the pants are recut, as if a new patterm were made.Takes out from either side of the fly, thus the pockets rest where they should.
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ok.... that kind of alteration raises a couple of issues for me.... 1. theyd have to be damn expensive pants to justify the cost of taking on this project versus just replacing them and 2. if they were that expensive - would you really want to risk destroying them versus just going out and buying some flat fronts?
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Well, if it is a nice suit, ie really nice OTR (an oxymoron of course), most of them come with pleats, and some people just dont work well with pleats.
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I have a few pairs of beautiful Loro Piana-fabric bespoke gabardine trousers that were made for me about six or seven years ago. They are in great shape but since I made the catastrophic error of having them made with DEEP, double reverse pleats, plus a very full, wide leg, they never get much use. Eliminating the pleats would make these trousers useful again. I also recently purchased a tan worsted Corneliani suit which has single reverse pleats. The suit would just be a lot sharper if it were flat front. Italians ought to know better.
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I just bought a suit (online), kind of a snap decision because it was so highly discounted. Tried it on, and i really like the suit - but has double-reverse pleated pants which are not my style. Based on your expertise, what are your suggestions? Can I have the pleats removed - I would very much prefer flat front? Return the suit?
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Funny, because I just brought a pair of charcoal, flannel, chalkstripe suit pants that were double pleated into my tailor today. He told me that it takes a lot of work, but it can be done without leaving any additional seams or changes in the flow of the pinstripe (i.e. he claims it should look perfect). The only thing he said I'd lose was the small change pocket on the right side just under the waistband.

These are PRL pants with the typical straight front pockets which he says is more difficult to do than slanted front pockets.

He is charging me $60. A bit of an expensive alteration, but I just couldn't stand the look of the double pleats as this is part of a 3 piece suit. Should look considerably better though with flat front.

I can let you know how it goes.
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Remove waistband and pocket (if it is 1/4 top or side pocket) cut off the amount of the pleat and reshape side. Remake the pocket, attach waistband, resew the curtain. Voila!

If the front pocket is besom and set into the cloth you have to remove the cloth from the fly, remake the fly and sew on the waistband. Unless you are removing so much cloth you could cut away the besom pocket. That is a more problematic alteration because you need cloth to remake the pocket or cloth to make a facing for 1/4 top or side pocket.

I like pleated trousers.
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if you would like diagrams that explain the process.
go to ask andy. go to search, "ask for removing trouser pleats"
scroll way down the list, its dated 5/16/05.
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Thank you Alex.
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chris you beat me again.
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