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Doir Suits on ebay

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I'm looking at these DIOR suits on ebay and i like the looks of suits and jackets this seller is selling. Can anyone tell me if they are real or fake? Also whats the quality like on Dior and is it wortht these prices? Full canvased? Who makes Diors suits?
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In the late 80's I bought a suit with the same" Christian Dior "label.  It was a fused department store suit priced between Austin Reed and Hart S&M.  I believe they  were made in Philadelphia by a mfg who made quite a few of the suits  for the companys to whom designers had leased or sold the right to  the use of their names. I haven't shopped for this type suit since and so I don't know if it is still being made over here. I just googled "Dior" and  while I found other leased Dior low priced items there were no suits. I doubt that this suit could be a Dior Homme" as sold at the Dior store on 57th  "(or is  it 59th)" in NYC. You might email the seller and ask him for the RN number on the tag and thengo to the Feds web site and see who made it.$.startup I just noticed the seller is in Argentina with an american bank to send money to. Its even more doubtful that its more than a licensed fusejob. caviet emptor
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There are many different labels of Dior and different sorts of licensing.  While there is the ultraexpensive chic Dior Homme, there are still cheap licensed stuff and somewhat more expensive licensed stuff floating around.  The auction may be a parallel importation thing selling an item made for a different regional market, which means a different licensee of different quality making the garment.  Creative control over the Dior licenses is pretty loose.  Dior was the first "label" I owned and so I have a soft spot for it, but I wouldn't pay a lot of money for most of the stuff with the name on it nowadays (I do have a soft nostalgic spot for the $1000 men's silk dressing gowns sold at the Ave Montaigne store in 1993 though). Looking at the auction, it looks like deadstock or something, definitely not from the Dior Homme line.  There's an English shop or fabric maker's label inside; whichever it is it's not the label of a chcichi boutique where Dior Homme is sold.  Nothing wrong with it not being that, just know what you're getting. It's always telling to note where a seller/auction is based.  This fellow is in Argentina.  He could be selling you a Dior suit made by a licensee for the Argentine market, although given the English label inside it's an English-market suit that ended up in Argentina somehow.  In either case, I don't think running the RN number would help as the garment was almost certainly made outside the US.  The RN code lookup is only for US-made garments I believe.  FWIW, to give you an impression of where this may lie in the quality spectrum, in the 1990s Christian Dior shirts sold in England were made by the British Van Heusen company.  It's a royal warrant holder, but (like Wensum Clothing, which makes suits for various designers) is so for members of national organizations rather than for the Royal Family or its household. $200 to me seems a little steep for a Dior suit on ebay.  And Holy Crap, $40 shipping to the US?. I would say it's your call.  It's almost certainly fused.  The material might be Super 100s, but that doesn't mean the wool is well finished or particularly durable.   Hope this helps. PS: Interestingly, he also advertises that he can commit Customs fraud for you (he will "declare a low price and as a gift"). I've looked at a few other Doir [sic]garments he's selling and I don't think it's a great deal for garments on ebay -- particularly as I just got a d'Avenza sportcoat for less than $100 a few hours ago.
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Customs fraud? I didn't even see that.
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I visited a couple of Christian Dior stores in Buenos Aires a couple months ago. I tried on a fused sportcoat that sold for the equivalent of about US$250. It wasn't anything special. Although I'm not very familiar with Dior Homme, I don't think those stores carried anything of the sort. My impression was that the name was licensed to some manufacturer and their chain of stores. The articles of clothing were fashionable (i.e. plenty of velvet jackets) but not like in those Dior Homme runway photos. There are outlets and clearance sales in Argentina just like here so I wouldn't be surprised if someone there decided to capitalize on the name recognition and throw some items on eBay.
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Well, I decided to actually click on that link to take a look at that suit. There's a "Paramount Perrot's of England" label inside the jacket. Indeed, there's a sizable British community in Buenos Aires so maybe this item was brought over by someone? I have no clue.
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