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What Kind of Pants to Wear w These AE Loafers?

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Okay, I just purchased a pair of these AE Walden loafers in a Burgundy, NIB for $170

I also purchased these AE Burgundy Stowes NIB for $180:

My question is, what kind of pants can/should I wear on a normal basis with these? Most of my closet is full of Dockers stuff that resembles the following:

I'm slowly trying to build up a nice wardrobe and I don't want to rush out and buy a bunch of stuff that won't hold up or match these shoes, since I plan on alternating between these two pairs of shoes just about every day to work for the next 3-5 yrs give or take. I also don't want to be spending more than $50/pair on pants if I can help it.

My office dress code is pants with long sleeve button shirt (no tie, no jacket). Most of my shirts are BB slim fits (button down and point collar)

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Any help? ...maybe dockers are the way to go ...
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I think you're on the right track with the flat-front khaki trousers. If you can upgrade from Dockers, you should probably do so -- you want a good straight leg, slim trouser to work with your slim fit shirts. Maybe mix in a lightweight pant in a subtle plaid or stripe.
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I'm in the same boat, kind of: I'm leaving home-based employment for an office environment shortly. I have 8-10 pairs of chino/khaki-type pants, ranging from off-white to a fairly dark tan, with grays and olives in there as well, but want something a bit more sophisticated....between khakis and full-on dress pants.

One option I've been looking at is lighter-weight pants in linen, or a cotton-linen blend. Also, the Incotex pants you see for sale on here quite a bit are often more elegant than the average cotton pant.

Good luck!
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So both pairs of loafers should work fine w the suggestions offered?
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Love the Walden loafers...
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You can wear them with dressier wool pants as well.
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Those dockers look awful. I don't know what your body type is, but those look too shapeless to flatter anyone. Do yourself a favor, go to BB and try on a bunch of chinos, and buy a few using the current 30% off F&F coupon. Milano is a great slim fit, Clark is a nice straight fit.
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The first pair is ok but the second one is hideous...
Save your money and buy some JM WESTON or Church's especially when they're on sale..
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I wore my burgandy Walden's with flat front chinos today.
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What is hideous about the second pair? Not a fan of the tassel?
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I'm not a big fan of tassels, but it really depends on your style.
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I'm not much of a fan of the tassels on the penny loafers. Just my opinion but they should simply be what they are, the essential casual shoe as the Waldens are. The pictured Dockers would be ok if they were tailored to fit the model. Sure, some khakis are better than others, but is a rather small degree from an appearance standpoint. It is the tailored fit that makes any of them look acceptable. Maybe get some Bills for cheap on eBay and spend the savings with the tailor.
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Here's a question: should I return the tassel loafers to AE and get a pair of dark brown Bass Weejuns? (seen below)

And what is the difference in quality between the two, i.e. will they last as long as the AE's?
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I would get the Bass for knock around wear that will generally degrade any shoe. Keep the AE for more dress up occasions or the office. Keep the money difference and be happy.

Although I have some tassel slipons, I just don't go for the tassels on the penny loafer, or any of the Kiltie add ons. I've now realized that I just don't wear the tassel shoes very much any more, if at all. I've lost the tassel love, I suppose. The tassels on the end of the strings for the tie on sporting shoes still appears OK by me. Maybe that love will fade too?
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