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My own style...

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Well, first of all, I'd like to introduce myself, Andreas, I'm a musician, I play trombone, new to the boards, trolled for about...5 minutes tonight. How are we all tonight...at...1 AM, in California? I'm new to this forum and all, not quite sure how to ask other people for fasion advice, as previous to that, I wore whatever looked good, or, so I thought. I'm rather uncoordinated with my style, I never wear jeans, always cargo pants or dress pants. Usually khaki (dark and light) or black or navy blue. Actually. Always those kinds of pants. Actually no..I have one pair of cargo pants that are a more olive color... Longsleeved shirts, always, as to cover my left forearm (uhm...a certain kind of scarring accompanied by collapsed veins, the type achieved after being repeatedly stabbed with a needle <.<), and usually a t-shirt underneath that. Shoes, always black, polished and shiny. And a jacket, I almost always wear, as if I'm afraid in some cosmic coincidence the clasps/buttons on my arm my come undone as I cheer for the world, revealing an ugliness unkown to the sober world. Anyway, I've found that I've become much too approachable. You see, I'm very much, not the people person. Perhaps its the inherent charisma you get from being tall (6'5) or that people like being verbally defended against on start of whiny absolutely trivial conversation. So, as I had decided to wraught great change in myself over the course of the summer, I decided to change my style as well. First I thought, to hell with it, just snap at people, and look like crap, do what you do. Then of course I realized that was silly, as I do have friends, and I seek to look good for people I'm comfortable with (illogical?) and like. Just not your average bastardite milling about spewing smalltalk. Damnit. So I thought...hmm...maybe if I tailored/had tailored an eclectic kind of old Victorian 1800esque garb, hoping a creepy finely dressed "said gothic" approach to things would, paired with my morbid pale complexion, ward off potential contact. Or akin to a noir detective... Then on reflection the whole idea of dressing akin to whoever the hell this guy is- seemed a little silly, and potentially expensive. (although I dig the coat...) So I'm looking for something formal and cold, that looks classy, goes well with tall, pale, dark brown (thick) neck length hair, green eyes and discontent for the masses. And my point of posting on this forum? Certainly not asking a gaggle of people-people to tell me how to dress. Just suggestions on creating a formal, kind of warding style of dress, dark colors...any suggestions? I'm thinking canes...probably speak "I'll stab you with it if you piss me off, but remain refined whilst doing so". Yes? And gloves? They'd seem to add a sense of not wanting contact. Hats? I've never really been a hat kind of guy, or at least not a baseball cap or trucker's garb. But I can see a more fashionable hat as looking good on me. Suggestions, comments, chats, what have you.
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Just walk around with a needle sticking out of your arm. People will avoid you like the plague.
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Black suit, grey shirt, black tie. Do not smile. Ever. I think you're set.
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wear high stiff collars. thin solid/black ties. gloves are certainly a "stay away" look.
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yeah, just go with a goth look. i reckon the only reason marilyn manson might be at all approachable is because he's a famous rock star and everyone wants a piece of him. maybe look up your local SCA chapter, or search the web for period costumes. anachronistic dress is a put-off for most people. black trenchcoats scare some people, 'specially if they're leather. and sunglasses, like you're hiding something. dress like the guys in Matrix. also helps if you can bend time, making a quick getaway from tiresome chitchat. don't forget facial tattoos and piercings. freaks a lot of people out, but not your friends.
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High collars...how do we mean? Mandarin collars?
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If you really want people to avoid you, wear nothing, cover yourself in pigs blood, and carry a sword.
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ah, the voice of experience...
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Just to reveal what a nerd I am, I can identify that character as Alucard from the anime mini-series Hellsing. One of the few really good anime offerings out there. Check it out, if that's your thing.
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Just a RLPL butt thong and nothing else. You can find a good price on a gently used one on ebay. Enough said.
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Be careful with the Marilyn Manson look. You could end up attracting someone like Dita von Teese. I see that he and his girlfriend are now modeling for Vivienne Westwood.
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High collars...how do we mean? Mandarin collars?
No, more like detachable collars. Which might put you in the reactionary dandy crowd rather than the goth. Intimidating? Perhaps.
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Think Samuel L. Jackson in Pulp Fiction.
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(Andreas @ June 19 2005,13:18) High collars...how do we mean? Mandarin collars?
No, more like detachable collars. Which might put you in the reactionary dandy crowd rather than the goth. Intimidating? Perhaps.
*head hurts with all the phrases* Dandy...cowboy? *thunk* Yes, those high collars might not look to bad on me, and still have that moderatly detached *giggles at pun* feel. Yeah, but I'd probably try to avoid a gothic look, they dress like that for attention, yes? Attention being, the eh, not what what we're going for.
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Being an ex vein-collapser myself, I found the opposite effect than most would think, everyone who found out or who I told of my past sickness was not repulsed, but awed to the point of asking a million stupid questions about it. I guess thats what happens when heroin becomes "chic".If only these people knew the actual horrors of a habit.Luckily I avoided any permanent scaring my always using a brand new rig, but I digress. No matter what you wear there will always be nosy people trying to pry into other peoples lifes.
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