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Trip to Tampa

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Hey all, I'm going to be in Tampa for a week on leave, starting Monday. So all the usual things you say when you come to Frankfurt or Rome, I have to ask about Florida. Where are the best places to shop: for classic clothes, for streetwear, for good food and wine... I'll be focusing my efforts on Central Tampa for business reasons--post Army I'm planning on starting a club there--but will be able to get around a little bit. Anyone interested in getting a beer or hitting the shops for a little bit, let me know. My schedule is pretty open right now in hopes of setting up meetings as I go. Tom
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I wouldn't exactly call the Gulf Coast of Florida a hotbed of style. Maybe the locals know of some great places (I'm in Ft. Lauderdale), but I'd stick to Blizzard Beach, Busch Gardens (don't drink the beer.), and other tourist sites rather than shop. Bern's Steakhouse is also a great place to dine, by the way, though I hear that it has lessened in quality over the past few years.
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the Dali museum around the way at St Petes is pretty cool
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I'll have to check out the Dali museum, I've managed to run into travelling exhibits in a couple of places in the world, wouldn't mind seeing a more permanent thing. But man does this sound discouraging about Tampa. Maybe I'll have to open the first stylish club in the city, start spreading the love Tom
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Call it something hip, like Paradox, charge $12 for drinks, $6 for water, hire dancers, and play electronic music like house or trance. You're set. Hmm, I might actually go to one of these clubs ... and bring my flask.
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Go to Ybor City. Wear your uniform. You'll have a good time, I think.
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Go to Ybor City.  Wear your uniform.  You'll have a good time, I think.
Heh, I hear ya.  But after wearing that thing non-stop for two months, I'm trying to feel as non-military as possible--I'll post pics with my "have only been cutting enough of my hair to meet the standard" 'do. Tom
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