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Originally Posted by StockwellDay View Post
Why are you so offended about people saying a once good show has lost its luster?
I thought it was fairly obvious that Suited is indeed Adrian Grenier. PS, spend more time in acting class and less time on SF.
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Originally Posted by Eason View Post
That's a good point, how about writing for the show? And really, really drama isn't funny or entertaining. He's only not annoying when he's being totally hated on- any time he acts like himself, it just makes me wonder how his character is supposed to have any friends at all and why he gets so much airtime for his completely uninteresting and annoying subplots. The key with a character like him is that he needs to develop as a character- but all they show is just more and more of an annoying guy with a ugly personality. That's not the way to do it unless you're going to have him killed, very soon.

1. I wish I could write for the show, but I think writing for Ari is an insanely difficult task. He was too brilliant the first two seasons, not everyone just wants to be knocked off their feet by him again. Maybe it's asking too much. I watched a compilation of his best scenes on Youtube last night and I'm thinking that may be it.

2. I do know what could roughly fix the show:

a. Either make Vince a real superstart with several hits in succession or make him do several critically acclaimed but small films in a row. Either he buys in wholly to hollywood and makes bank or he (temporarily) goes his own direction and earns respects all while whoring and partying of course (adds some depth to him while keeping it fun).
b. E needs to quit being a twerp and get 1 or 2 decent clients beyond Vince. Get engaged to Emmanuelle Chriqui too. And move out for good. More development for the character always being shit on for being short and Irish.
c. Bring the old Ari back.
d. Give Drama a hit a show (like he already does) and make turtle his full blown assistant. Tone down his psycho ness (though there seems to be tons of viewers that like it) but still make him a pain in the ass to be with.
e. give turtle something to do beyond being a screwup. He can still be Drama's assistant who is always looking for [financial, drug induced, vagina-related] angle for himself.
f. show more of Ari's wife in a bikini.
g. Easy with the lame celeb cameos. Give them 40 seconds airtime if they're unfunny and pointless like Mickelson, lil bow wow and Eric Roberts. The previous seasons were able to toss in LArry David, Jessica Alba, Gary BUssey and the dude from full house and make it fun. The former two wear brief and great, the latter two were longer but hilarious. Gotta find a balance.
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Larry David was the greatest cameo on the show. It's like they pulled him directly out of an episode of Curb. His few lines were great...
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they just saved this season with that last episode...
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That scene at the hanger between Ari and Vince was amazing.
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Originally Posted by Neo_Version 7 View Post
That scene at the hanger between Ari and Vince was amazing.
I really hope the writers don't force ari to stay as an agent because he feels guilty for vince or somthing. The character would jump all over this opportunity. I'd like to see him as a studio head - maybe they can do a mid season spin off
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Originally Posted by micbain View Post
I really hope the writers don't force ari to stay as an agent because he feels guilty for vince or somthing. The character would jump all over this opportunity.
Not sure about that. Right now, he's his own boss and seems to enjoy doing deals. It's a great opportunity but a completely different job + he would have to report to that dude who's trying to hire him. We all know how miserable Ari was with his previous boss (Terence Stamp).
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Ari says it himself though, he cares about Vince which is why he's having such a hard time deciding to take the offer. But I agree that he should and probably will take the job.
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Last night's episode was great. I hope if Ari does takes the offer he takes Lloyd too.
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Glad to see everyone else enjoyed it.
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They stepped it up at least two notches from last episode. Well played. And DAYUM that Natasha is smokin.
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Jeffrey Tambor!
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far and away the best episode of the year.
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I caught it on OnDemand and loved it. Ari HAS to take the job to have the show move forward a bit. I wonder if he could stay on as Vince's agent? Huge conflict of interest but there's nothing really stopping him. If he doesn't stay as Vince's agent, does that mean Amanda is back? Or will they go with one of the younger nemeses (?) of Ari to start representing Vince (that would be awesome)?

Is it just me or was E acting more like a twerp than ever last episode?
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Decent episode, I liked it a lot. Drama still pissed me off, so did E for being such a spinner.
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